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Casos Ganados Por El Equipo De The Medlin Law Firm

Cases Won By The Medlin Law Firm Team

Not Guilty by Jury: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Charge

Our client worked in air conditioning service and repair. He was stopped for a traffic violation and admitted to having a couple of drinks earlier. He did terribly on the DWI sobriety tests and looked to the police and prosecutors to be very intoxicated. He was arrested and charged for DWI. At trial, we were ...

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Not Guilty for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Charge with .20 blood test

Our client was stopped as he pulled into a taco restaurant drive through late in the evening. After admitting that he had a few beers earlier, the police officer had our client do the DWI field sobriety tests. Even though our client did well on those tests, but not perfect, the officer arrested and charged ...

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Acquitted: Drug Delivery Charge of Over 100 Pounds of Marijuana

The client had delivered over 100 pounds of marijuana to an undercover officer and had prior drug arrests and probations and was looking at a possible long prison sentence for delivering drugs – potentially a life sentence. We had demanded, prior to the trial, disclosure of any confidential informants or snitches used by the police ...

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