Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a criminal case take?

Most criminal cases take anywhere from a couple of months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the facts and issues, the Judge, and if a trial is required.  While we understand that most people want to get their case resolved as soon as possible and move on with their lives, it is better to resolve you case right than to resolve it for the sake of resolving it quickly to get it over with. Obviously, our clients’ needs and requests come first. So, every case is handled on a case by case basis. We don’t stop working on your case until we reach the best result possible.

Will the attorney call me with updates about my case?

How often you receive updates about your case really depends on what type of case you have and if your case is filed with the court or not.   If your case is already filed when you hire us, we will send a representation letter to the court and your attorney will file a discovery request with the prosecutors and ask that they open any and all discovery or evidence they have regarding your case. The next step is to wait for the prosecutors to provide our office with all of the discovery and evidence, which may take weeks or even months.  Once we receive all of the evidence and discovery, you will be notified by someone in our office to please contact our office to set up an office appointment or phone conference with your attorney to discuss your case and options.

If I have been charged/arrested for a crime, can you see it on my background check?

Yes, as soon as you were arrested, the charge(s) will show up on your arrest record.  The arrest will still exist in public records until you have the arrest and/or charge expunged or non-disclosed.   Cases/arrests do not simply “fall off” even if your case is never filed, dismissed or you were found not guilty.  A civil suit has to be filed to petition the court to take the arrest/charge off your record.


(682) 204-4066 We cannot receive pictures via text so please send those via email or hand deliver to our office.

(682) 204-4066 No podemos recibir imágenes por mensaje de texto, así que envíelas por correo electrónico o entréguelas personalmente en nuestra oficina.


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