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Casos Ganados Por El Equipo De The Medlin Law Firm

Cases Won By The Medlin Law Firm Team

.14 BAC DWI-Misdemeanor Repetition – Not Guilty by Judge

Our client was asleep in his car on the side of the highway when Mansfield Police Officers did a welfare check and ended up detaining him. He later failed all roadside field sobriety tests and the officers determined he was highly intoxicated and arrested him for suspicion of DWI. The officers later secured a search ...

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.163 DWI w/ BAC>.15= NOT GUILTY

Multiple 911 calls were made because of our client’s driving. According to the testimony, she hit the curb twice, drove into oncoming traffic, and drove through an electrical pole and a mailbox. At trial, 2 of the civilian witnesses were called by the State to testify about our client’s intoxication. They described her driving behavior ...

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.15 Mistrial -> Reduction

Our client was charged with DWI w/ BAC >.15 and needed to go to trial to keep the DWI off her record. The police officer testified he followed our client after she pulled out of the bar parking lot and saw her weaving in and out of her lane many times. After numerous swerving incidents, ...

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.14 Directed Verdict – Not Guilty

Our client was detained after having hit a barrier and flipped his truck on the highway. The officers said the client had slurred speech, unsteady balance, and smelled like alcohol. He was arrested on scene for DWI. After refusing to give a breath or blood test, the officers got a warrant for the client’s blood. ...

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Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child That He Met Online – Case Dismissed

Our client was charged with the sexual assault of a child that he met online. The client was adamant that the girl didn’t tell him her age and that everything was consensual, therefore, he was innocent. Also, the client wanted the best defense possible as he was not guilty of the crime. The detective interviewed ...

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Driving While Intoxicated with a .33 blood test – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client, a 25-year-old male, was charged with DWI with BAC over .15 with an open container. The police officer was called out to investigate an intoxicated driver. Client was pulled over for speeding, failure to maintain single lane, and weaving. Officer smelled alcohol on our client and said he had bloodshot watery eyes & ...

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2nd Driving While Intoxicated with .32 BAC, Dallas, TX – Motion to Suppress Won & Dismissed by Judge

Our client was only 30 years old and arrested for DWI-2nd in Dallas County. She was detained in a parking lot outside of a bar at 2:30 a.m. After failing the field sobriety tests, the police officer got a warrant for her blood. The results were .32. Four times the legal limit! There was a ...

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Fraud Use/Possess ID/Info of Elderly, Fort Worth – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client was accused of stealing her mother’s identity and opening up several credit cards in her name. She ended up being accused of 5 criminal charges. Our client’s mother is an elderly woman who the state thought was a credible witness and would be sympathetic to a jury. The client works for the IRS ...

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Unauthorized Use of Vehicle – Reduced To Misdemeanor

Our client decided to take his employer’s car home during his lunch break and unfortunately on the way back he had a minor accident. He did not have permission from his employer to take the car so he was charged with a State Jail Felony of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. And on top ...

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Resisting Arrest/Search/Transport – Dismissed

Our client and his friend were out one night drinking at a bar. As they were leaving, our client was trying to stop his friend from getting into a fight so he kept pulling him back. This caught the attention of the officers and they approached them to talk. Our client kept interjecting, which irritated ...

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