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Casos Ganados Por El Equipo De The Medlin Law Firm

Cases Won By The Medlin Law Firm Team


Client was driving home in Dallas, Texas after being at a bar. He struck a curb which damaged the front end of his car and popped his 2 left tires. A 911 caller said they observed client driving on just the rim of the wheel and that he was “highly intoxicated.” The Cedar Hill Police ...

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DWI w/ BAC O/.15 – Not Guilty by Jury

Our client was bar hopping in Arlington with another female friend. A young man was following them to each location that night. Eventually, that young man was kicked out of the bar but continued to wait outside for the girls. His behavior was worrying enough that another citizen called the police. When the girls left ...

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DWI w/ BAC Over .15 = NOT GUILTY at Trial

Client was arrested for DWI after wrecking her car into a ditch in the bar parking lot. At the scene of the accident, Arlington Police Officers had our client do the field sobriety tests. Our client had a hard time walking, balancing, and her speech was very slurred, and her story was incoherent. After the ...

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Assault Bodily Injury – Not Guilty on 3 Cases!

Client was arrested by Texas Department of Public Safety Officer in the city of Dallas, Texas at the Bucks Wild Gentlemen’s Club. While at the club a confrontation occurred between our client and a dancer. Multiple floor security surrounded our client and asked him to leave. Our client refused. The bouncers claim they gave him ...

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DWI w/ Open Container – Jury found Not Guilty!

Our client was accused of driving 90mph on Hwy 114 at 1:20am in Grapevine, Texas. She was pulled over and the officer smelled both an odor of alcohol and the odor of marijuana. The Grapevine Police Officer found an open container of alcohol and a blunt floating in water in a cup. The client admitted ...

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Driving While Intoxicated – Not Guilty By Jury!

Our client was pulled over for going 92 in a 65 on the Chisolm Trail Tollway in Fort Worth, Texas a couple of blocks from his house. The Fort Worth Police Officer claimed to have smelled alcohol and noticed bloodshot eyes. She conducted SFSTs and completed many of the instructional phases incorrectly. Client claimed he ...

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DWI Felony Repetition – Not Guilty At Trial

Client was pulled over for speeding by Saginaw Police Department- going 80mph in a 40mph zone. As the client was pulling over, he struck a curb. When the officer approached the window he had an open container in his lap. He admitted the Modello beer in his lap was his and that he had drank ...

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Family Assault Felony – Found Not Guilty By Jury

Our client was arrested for felony assault family violence-choking by the Dallas police department. An emergency protective order was issued against client and a video of the incident was given to the police. The case was indicted as a misdemeanor assault bodily injury-family member.  After rejecting all plea offers, attorney Matt Peacock took the case ...

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DWI w/ BAC O/.21 – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Client was accused of being asleep in the car, driving erratically, and blocking the roadway. Fort Worth Police Department sent two cars to detain our client.She was listed as having blood shot eyes, had swayed balance and slurred speech. Road side field sobriety tests were conducted and our client was arrested for driving while intoxicated. ...

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DWI w/ BAC O/.17 – Not Guilty by Jury

Client was stopped by Keller Police Department for running a red light. Client had 3 open containers in the car. She later failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated. Client then was interviewed and admitted to being intoxicated. She gave a breath test of .147 and .153. Later at ...

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