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Possession of Dangerous Drug – Dismissed

Our client was walking with her friend across the street and were stopped by an Arlington Police Officer. He came in contact with her while she was sitting in her car. The officer ordered her out of the vehicle and arrested her for the jaywalking violation. Our client asked the officer if he would retrieve ...

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Driving While Intoxicated with a .11 breath test – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client came in contact with Keller Police Officers at a party. The police officers watched her drive away and then later pulled her over for suspension of underage drinking. Officers quickly turned the detention into a DWI investigation. Our client failed all three field sobriety tests. During trial, the Police Officers admitted on the ...

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.14 blood sample – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client was seen by Crowley Police Officers leaving a bar and subsequently weaving between his lane of traffic. Our client was pulled over for failing to maintain a single lane. He admitted to having 5 alcoholic beverages. Once ordered out of the vehicle, our client performed 3 roadside field sobriety tests; failing two of ...

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.17 Blood Specimen and Car Accident – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client side-swiped another vehicle in front of a police car, then was attempting to pull over to a safe location, and the Fort Worth police officer accused her of failing to stop at an accident. Once pulled over, the police officer asked her if she had been drinking. She admitted to 5 drinks. She ...

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Speeding and Weaving through Traffic – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client was leaving The Gaylord Texan Resort after his date on Valentine’s day and was pulled over by Grapevine Police Department for weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed in a Porsche. Grapevine police officers ran our client’s criminal background and saw his prior DWI conviction. Our client was ...

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.14 Breath Test/Alcohol Concentration – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Fort Worth police department pulled our client over for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. The officers asked her if she had been drinking and our client admitted to a few beers and a few shots. This initiated the investigation of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Our client failed all 3 field sobriety tests ...

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Driving While Intoxicated with Car Accident, Grapevine TX – Found Not Guilty by Jury

Our client flipped his vehicle on the highway coming from Grapevine, Texas. Officers arrived at the scene and required our client to perform field sobriety tests in front of his flipped over vehicle to make sure the accident was visible to any potential jurors in the dashcam video. Our client admitted to the Grapevine police ...

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Unlawful Carry Weapon By Gang Member, Fort Worth – Dismissed

Our client was in Fort Worth for a motorcycle rally and was wearing the cut of a particular gang that is considered an organized criminal organization. He was pulled over for failing to signal at a stop sign and was later arrested for unlawful carry of weapon (UCW). The only reason the carrying of the ...

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Felony Drug Case, Tarrant County – Reduced To Misdemeanor

Our client was arrested for felony possession of controlled substance (cocaine) under 1 gram and unlawful carry of weapon (UCW) in Tarrant County, TX. After discussing the holes in the DA’s case involving a potential illegal search of our client; they agreed to reduce the felony charge down to a misdemeanor and dismissed the gun ...

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Assault, Fort Worth – Case Dismissed

Our client was arrested for assault bodily injury to a family member. She was accused of punching her boyfriend. After only two Fort Worth, TX court appearances, we convinced the DA to dismiss her case without her having to do any classes, community service, probation, or pay any fines or court costs.

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