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Reckless driving is not like other traffic violations such as failure to stop at a stop sign or speeding. Reckless driving—whether in the form of racing, texting while driving, talking on a cell phone while driving, excessive speeding, or driving in any way that risks the safety of others—can result in criminal penalties.

Reckless driving is classified as a traffic misdemeanor and carries the possibility of both short- and long-term consequences. While the offenses that are included in the definition of reckless driving are wide ranging, they are taken seriously by Texas law.

If you are accused of reckless driving, a Fort Worth reckless driving lawyer could help you build a defense for trial or negotiate a plea deal in order to pursue the best possible outcome for your particular case. With the right legal representation, you may be able to avoid the penalties and long-term implications of having a criminal record.

Possible Consequences Of A Reckless Driving Conviction

According to Texas Transportation Code Section 545.401, those convicted of reckless driving face jail time of up to 30 days and/or fines up to $200. Beyond the criminal penalties, there are several other possible repercussions that someone convicted of reckless driving may face, including license suspension; required purchase of SR-22 insurance, which can be very expensive; and even deportation if the individual is not a United States citizen.

Moreover, the penalties for related charges, such as fleeing or attempting to elude police or racing on a highway, are often more severe but are still included within the definition of reckless driving. Anyone charged with one or more of the aforementioned offenses who wants to avoid these penalties may need the help of a Fort Worth reckless driving attorney.

How Fort Worth Reckless Driving Lawyers Can Help

When someone is charged with reckless driving, they face a slew of potential consequences. However, with the help of a Fort Worth reckless driving lawyer, an accused individual could avoid some or all of the harsh penalties that could result from a conviction.

A skilled reckless driving attorney in Fort Worth could assist someone accused of reckless driving in a variety of ways, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Getting bail lowered
  • Investigating the accused’s case to build a strong defense
  • Representing the accused at hearings related to their license being revoked and presenting evidence to avoid revocation
  • Trying to get the charges reduced or find alternative sentencing options, if applicable
  • Representing the accused at trial, if necessary
  • Arguing for a judge to allow their client to participate in a defense driving course, thereby avoiding higher insurance premiums and points on their license

Talk To A Fort Worth Reckless Driving Attorney Today

A slew of traffic offenses can fall under the umbrella of reckless driving, ranging from passing a stopped school bus to running a red light. Regardless of the circumstances of your offense, you should contact a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer today to determine what your options are.

If you are facing reckless driving charges, you may need experienced legal representation to help you through the process. A seasoned local attorney could be well-versed in possible defenses, Texas state sentencing guidelines, and how to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Call today to schedule a consultation and start working to prevent the expensive and potentially long-lasting consequences of a reckless driving conviction.


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