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Domestic violence is a serious crime under state law. Those convicted of a domestic violence charge face may face both serious penalties including jail or prison time and harm to their reputation. There is a lot of stigma attached to domestic violence charges, and people often assume that a person facing such charges is guilty regardless of the facts of the situation.

If you are charged with a family violence offense, you may need someone in your corner who could defend you against these charges in court, protect your legal rights, and who can help protect your reputation from harm. Contact a Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer to discuss your case in a confidential setting.

Fort Worth Doemstic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Vs. Assault

Assault is a violent crime that occurs when a person intentionally causes harm to another person or puts another person in fear of imminent harm. Even attempting to harm or threaten imminent harm can qualify as assault in Fort Worth. Assault is a serious crime under state law that can lead to stiff penalties after a conviction making it important that a Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer is contacted right away.

When someone is accused of assaulting a family member or romantic partner, they could face a domestic violence charge, also known as assault-family member, instead of an assault charge. The main difference between a domestic violence charge and an assault charge is who the alleged victim is. Domestic violence occurs when someone intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly harms or attempts to harm:

  • A relative by blood or marriage
  • A romantic partner
  • Their spouse
  • Their child or foster child
  • Their child’s other parent or step-parent
  • A member of their household (including roommates)

Domestic Violence Charges In Fort Worth

There are a number of distinct offenses that fall under the umbrella of domestic violence charges in Fort Worth, Texas. These offenses include:

  • Domestic assault – committing assault against a relative, romantic partner, or household member
  • Aggravated domestic assault – using a deadly weapon to commit assault against any relative, romantic partner, or household member
  • Violating a protective order – intentionally or knowingly violated the terms of an order of protection, which could include contacting an alleged victim after a judge grants the order
  • Stalking – knowingly and repeatedly engaging in conduct that a relative, romantic partner, or household member finds imminently threatening

The severity of these domestic violence charges can range from a Class C misdemeanor to a first-degree felony depending on the circumstances, and the potential penalties upon conviction can be as minor as a monetary fine or as major as life in prison Some of these offenses, such as domestic assault, are typically misdemeanors, while others are more often felony charges. The exact circumstances of any case will determine whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a more serious felony.

Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer Near Fort Worth TexasCommon Legal Defenses

There are several common legal defenses employed in domestic violence cases. Depending on the situation, a Fort Worth domestic violence attorney could argue that the defendant did not intentionally cause or attempt to cause harm to a family or household member. Domestic assault charges usually require the defendant to act intentionally or knowingly. Self-defense or defense of another may also be defenses in domestic violence cases.

If the defendant did not intend to cause harm or did not reasonably recognize the potential harm their actions could cause, their actions may not meet the legal definition of domestic assault. An experienced domestic violence lawyer in Fort Worth could craft a legal defense tailored to their client’s situation based on

Talk To A Fort Worth Domestic Violence Attorney Today

If you are facing domestic or family violence charges in Fort Worth, do not delay in contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. Seeking out practiced legal assistance may be your best chance at avoiding the potential penalties you could face if convicted. Call a local attorney today to schedule a consultation.


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