Fort Worth Gun Lawyer

Whether a gun crime charge is your first brush with the law or something you have experienced before, it can be difficult to navigate your way through the Fort Worth legal system. A Fort Worth gun lawyer could help you find your way from the start of your case through the end and make sure you know what to expect each step of the way.

Regardless of your specific situation, there are various rights that you are entitled to, but you may not be aware of what those rights are. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth could work diligently to preserve your rights and advocate for you for the duration of your case.

Gun Laws In Fort Worth

There are various different laws under the Texas Penal Code pertaining to how guns are used and possessed, as well as laws regarding who can legally own guns in the state. As a Fort Worth gun lawyer can explain possessing a gun means simply having it in one’s possession, even if the possessor does not own the gun.

In Fort Worth, Texas, there is no law regarding an age limit for possessing a gun, so the law that prevails is the existing federal law. What this means is that individuals of any age can go to a place like a firing range and possess a gun while there.

Possession Of Handguns

In Fort Worth, certain laws relate specifically to the possession of handguns. Texas Penal Code §46.02 makes it unlawful in most circumstances for anyone to carry a handgun beyond their own premises. However, the law allows certain individuals to apply for a license to carry a handgun, and successful applicants who fulfill the eligibility requirements found in Texas Government Code §411.172 can lawfully carry a handgun beyond their homes.

Individuals who have a license to carry can legally possess a handgun in public, openly or concealed, at their discretion. However, there are some places, as defined in Texas Penal Code §46.03, where guns are prohibited entirely, even if an individual has a license. These include, but are not limited to, locations such as schools and educational institutions, government courts and offices, public polling places on the day of an election or when early voting is taking place, racetracks, and secured areas at airports.

Special Considerations

The laws on gun ownership in Fort Worth vary from those on possession. Texas Penal Code §46.06 states that it is unlawful to sell or transfer a gun to an individual under 18 years of age. It is also unlawful to make a firearm available to a child under Texas Penal Code §46.13 or to smuggle a firearm under Texas Penal Code §46.14.

Speak With A Fort Worth Gun Attorney Today

The gun laws in Fort Worth, Texas can be very layered and complicated. For many gun owners, it may be possible to break a law without knowing the conduct was unlawful. Many of the crimes related to guns require that the prosecutor show intentional behavior, so it could be important for you to consult with an experienced Fort Worth gun lawyer to analyze and assess all the facts of your case, so you understand all the options available to you given the circumstances.

Every situation is different, and a qualified gun attorney in Fort Worth could determine what your goal is for your case and help you build a legal strategy with that goal in mind, whether it involves the negotiation of a plea agreement or taking the case all the way to trial. Call today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your options.


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