Common Mistakes During A Fort Worth Arrest

If you are about to be arrested or issued a ticket, it is important that you avoid mistakes that could further harm your case or lead to new charges. To learn more about the common mistakes during a Fort Worth arrest, reach out to a seasoned defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer could inform you on what you should do and not do during an arrest. Call today for more information.

Self-Incriminating Themselves

Many of the common mistakes during a Fort Worth arrest occur before the individual is even arrested. When someone is about to be arrested, the officer may ask the individual questions. It is essential that the person exercises their Fifth Amendment right and remain silent. The Fifth Amendment protects individuals from self-incriminating themselves. Exercising this right cannot be used as a circumstance to justify detention or arrest. When an officer pulls someone over for speeding, the officer may ask the individual why they were going so fast or if they knew how fast they were going. If an officer asks these questions, it is important not to answer them. The officer may go ahead and write the individual a ticket, but that is all that the police can do unless they have reasonable suspicion of some other crime.

Answering Investigative Questions

As mentioned above, it is vital that an individual exercises their Fifth Amendment right when being asked investigative questions from an officer. For instance, in a DWI situation, the officer may ask the individual if they have been drinking and how many drinks they have. Answer an investigative question like this is one of the most common mistakes during a Fort Worth arrest. It is good advice, even if the individual had not been drinking, to remain silent and refuse to answer the question. This is because even if the person does answer the question, the officer will probably think they are lying and use that as an excuse to detain them further. Answering any questions can hurt a person’s case and certainly admitting having something to drink can hurt their case.

Believing That Law Enforcement Is Telling The Truth

Many people do not realize that law enforcement can legally lie to an individual in certain circumstances. When a detective is investigating a crime, they may fudge the truth when asking questions in order to get the individual being detained to give them the information they want to hear. An officer may tell the individual that they have enough evidence to convict them for a particular crime when, in fact, they do not have any evidence at all. This is why it is important to refuse to answer the questions and then contact a well-established defense attorney right away. A lawyer could speak on an individual’s behalf to ensure that they do not slip up and say something harmful to their case. If the detective had enough evidence to make an arrest, then they would do so anyway. Exercising the right to remain silent cannot make someone’s situation any worse and it will not make the case against them stronger.

Importance Of Reaching Out To A Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the biggest common mistakes during a Fort Worth arrest is failing to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our legal team can talk to the detective or officer and find out what evidence they have and assess the situation. An attorney could investigate the case and find out how to start defending it. If you have been arrested for a crime, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. We could stand by your side and advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process.


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