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Murder Charges

Of all the criminal acts you could be accused of, Murder is one of the most frightening and worrisome. As a death penalty State, Texas hands down extreme punishments for murder “beginning at the moment of arrest. You may be denied bail. You may lose friends and family. You may receive the harshest possible penalty” even if the death wasn’t your fault.

The Medlin Law Firm can fight for you. With a background in criminal prosecution, Gary Medlin knows exactly how murder charges and trials in Texas are pursued, and how best to defend your rights and freedom. Our Fort Worth murder lawyers will help take away a large degree of the fear and uncertainty involving the proceedings by educating and informing you about the charges and next steps you need to take. We’ll examine your case with exacting attention to detail, so that we may challenge evidence and testimony being used to assert your guilt. “Remember” you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We will not let the stress and strain of a murder accusation convince you to act in any other manner than that which reinforces your innocence.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Fort Worth appreciate a murder charge places your life on the line and we will defend you with the energy and dedication those stakes require. Contact a homicide attorney immediately if you are being investigated or have been charged with murder. A strong defense is one that starts today.

Building A Defense

If a person reasonably believes under the circumstances apparent to them that they are under the immediate threat of deadly force from another person, they are entitled to use deadly force to protect themselves. Therefore, self-defense is always a possible defense in murder cases. A jury views the circumstances from the standpoint of the person accused of causing the death of another person. This means that if any reasonable person in that circumstance would believe that they were under the immediate threat of deadly force, then they are entitled to use deadly force.

For example, if a person sees another person pointing a gun at them, and they believe that person is about to shoot them, then they are entitled to use deadly force to protect themselves. Deadly force can also be used in order to protect another person. This is called the defense of a third person and it too can be a viable defense used by Fort Worth murder lawyers in murder charges. It is important to distinguish between a threat of deadly force and a threat of bodily injury. If a person is under the threat of bodily injury, they are entitled to use sufficient force to defend themselves, but not deadly force.

Bond Following A Murder Charge

A person accused of murder is usually entitled to have a reasonable bond even in murder, homicide and manslaughter cases. Under certain circumstances, a judge could determine that a person is too great a risk to allow them bond while awaiting trial, but it is very rare. However, bonds can be so high in capital murder and murder cases that many people with normal means are unable to make them.

Alternative Sentencing Methods

It is rare for a person to receive anything but a prison sentence once convicted of murder or manslaughter. However, if a case can be worked out for a lesser offense, something called shock probation may be possible. Shock probation means that the person is sent to prison for a minimum of three months, and in some cases significantly longer. However, during that period of time, the person is brought back to court, the imposition of their prison sentence is suspended, and they are placed on probation for the remainder of the term.

Importance Of Hiring A Fort Worth Homicide Attorney

It is important to hire an experienced Fort Worth murder attorney to defend against these cases because the possible penalties are so severe. Without having an attorney that knows all the possible defenses and ways to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence, a defendant will not have a chance of winning the case.

For more information on Bail In Murder, Homicide & Manslaughter, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling today.

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