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DWI And Criminal Defense For Tarrant County And All Of Texas
  • Have you been arrested, investigated by law enforcement, or charged with a crime?
  • Are you facing DWI charges?
  • Do you know how to protect yourself in the face of an arrest or conviction?
  • What will happen if you are convicted… Do you know what to expect?
  • How do you choose the best Fort Worth criminal attorney to defend your interests?
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These aren’t easy questions to answer, and you may never have thought about needing a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney until now. We want you to know that we can help you. We are The Medlin Law Firm, and we have been defending those charged with crimes in Fort Worth for nearly 67 years combined. During that time, our Fort Worth criminal lawyers have helped thousands of people just like you facing criminal charges in Tarrant County and throughout Texas, with the benefit of an exclusive focus on criminal defense and no other type of law

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Proven criminal defense in Fort Worth and throughout Texas The confidence that you’re represented by the most qualified attorney available for your criminal defense is vital to your case. At the Medlin Law Firm, we want you to know you can trust us to act in your best interests and handle every aspects of your case with professionalism, ethics and transparency. It is in that spirit that we are proud to share a sampling of some of our success stories with you.

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Building a Defense

Dealing with a criminal charge is no laughing matter, especially if your freedom is at stake. Trying to deal with such a situation on your own can be overwhelming and may sometimes have unintended consequences. If you seek out qualified legal help, however, your attorney could make sure you know exactly what is going on with your case and what will happen next. Let an experienced Fort Worth criminal lawyer help you with your case. We know how the system works, and we could advocate for you and guide you through the process each step of the way. Our seasoned Fort Worth criminal attorneys have worked with thousands of clients just like you. We know what you are going through, and that you might be scared, confused, and unsure of your rights or what to do next. A skilled and compassionate criminal lawyer could consult with you to determine your case objectives, analyze every detail of your case, and work to build a solid legal strategy that is aligned with your wishes and goals.

In addition, we are familiar with the burden that the state is held to in order to get a conviction, and we could work to ensure they do not cut any corners. If your rights are violated in any way, your attorney could fight to hold the violator accountable. A Fort Worth criminal lawyer from our firm could ensure that your rights are preserved and advocate for you each step of the way. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.


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Honored Hero Run

At The Medlin Law Firm we care about the well-being of all of those in our community. Join us on October 21st at Trinity Park in Fort Worth as we fight to find a cure to end blood cancer by sponsoring the Honored Hero Run. The run is rated one of the best 5K’s and one of the best runs for kids. To learn more about this event and how you can help us find the cure for diseases like leukemia and lymphoma visit our Honored Hero Run page.

TSA Security Reform Scholarship

The Medlin Law Firm is proud to announce the TSA Security Reform Scholarship. Write about whether you believe TSA security is too strict or too loose in discipline and why. The deadline to apply for the TSA Security Reform Scholarship is April 30, 2019. For more details on how to apply, please visit our scholarship page.

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Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you don’t have to let a criminal charge ruin your life. The Medlin Law Firm is the criminal defense team you can count on to defend your rights and your freedom.




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