3. FRequently Asked Questions

What happens at my court appearances?Most cases have more than one court setting and can take anywhere from a couple of months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the facts/issues before your case is resolved.  This is normal and your attorney does not have control over this.  No major decisions are made at your first court appearance.  In fact, most of the time, nothing major will happen regarding your case until you have had some type of meeting/conversation with the attorney to discuss the evidence received from the prosecutors.

Also, please see “Courtroom Etiquette.”

What if my attorney is not present when I arrive in court? 

If you do not see your attorney when you get to the courtroom please remain seated and wait patiently inside the courtroom.  The attorney will find you and may call your name.  We ask that you clear your schedule for the whole morning or afternoon (depending on your scheduled time) of all court appearances.  We understand that you have work and other responsibilities but we have multiple clients and multiple settings on the same date and time as your setting, and the attorneys will plan their schedule the most efficient way to assure that every client gets taken care of in a timely manner, and as quickly as possible.

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