Fort Worth Drug Lawyer

If you are facing accusations of a drug crime in the Fort Worth area, you may not know what your legal options are or who to turn to. A Fort Worth drug lawyer could help you fully understand your situation and your legal rights.

Avoid Drug Crime Charges With The Help Of An Attorney From The Medlin Law FirmFacing any sort of legal charges, especially drug charges, can have devastating consequences, both in terms of immediate criminal punishments and long-term effects on your personal and professional lives. If you work with a seasoned drug lawyer, though, you could have guidance through each step of the process.

Your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney could ensure you know what to expect and are aware of any possible outcomes, assess the facts and evidence in your case that the prosecutor plans to use, and help you develop a strong and effective legal strategy.

Texas Drug Laws

Drug charges can be difficult to understand for a number of reasons. First, as a Fort Worth drug lawyer can explain, there are both state and federal laws regarding drugs. Also, the severity of the alleged crime depends upon the type of drug involved and the quantity.

The drug laws in Texas can be found in Chapter 481 of the Texas Penal Code, also known as the Texas Controlled Substances Act. These laws divide different types of drugs into Penalty Groups based on chemical characteristics, danger, and potential for use.

The types of drugs in Penalty Group 1 include opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and PCP. Penalty Group 2 consists of hallucinogenic substances. Penalty Group 3 includes stimulants such as Ritalin, depressants such as Xanax, peyote, and compounds that include codeine, morphine, and barbiturates. Penalty Group 4, according to Texas Penal Code §481.105, includes compounds containing buprenorphine, butorphanol, or pyrovalerone.

Potential Penalties For Fort Worth Drug Charges

Depending on what type of action a drug charge is specifically levied for, the potential penalties can vary greatly. For example, the manufacture of a Penalty Group 1 substance can result in incarceration of anywhere from 180 days to 99 years and a fine of anywhere between $10,000 and $250,000, depending on the number of drugs involved. Potential penalties for possession, as opposed to manufacturing or delivery of drugs, tend to be somewhat lighter.

There are many variables present in Fort Worth drug laws, so it is important to fully understand drug charges in order to fully develop a successful defense.

Contact An Experienced Drug Possession Lawyer In Fort Worth TXGet Assistance From A Fort Worth Drug Attorney

Every person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. The state prosecution bears the burden of proving that a crime has occurred, but the accused individual does not have to likewise prove their own innocence. In other words, the prosecutor must prove every element of a crime to secure a conviction.

An experienced Fort Worth drug lawyer is familiar with the elements required for drug crimes in Texas, as well as everything the prosecution must prove to get a conviction. They could hold them to that heavy burden while advocating on your behalf. If the state is unable to produce evidence that proves every single element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury may not be able to convict.

You do not have to go through this alone. Let a qualified drug attorney in Fort Worth help you with your case.


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