Bail Process in Fort Worth

With a few exceptions, all offenses are bondable or should have a bond set. As a general rule, people who have been accused of the crime or are arrested cannot be held without a bond. The few exceptions are very serious charges such as murder. However, even in these cases, a bond is usually set. It just may be so high that the individual does not have the ability to make bond. Sometimes if a person who has been on bond has allegedly committed new offenses, a bond can be held insufficient and the individual can be held without a bond. Usually, no matter what a person is accused of, a bond is set. Sometimes the bonds are excessive and oppressive but it is possible to have bonds lowered with the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. If you have any questions about the bail process in Fort Worth, consult with an attorney.

Discussing the Case with an Attorney

During the first month after an individual’s arrest, the defendant can expect to hear from an attorney as soon as the lawyer has found out any information, such as the filing of the case and the court date. This is information that the lawyer may find out within a few days or a few weeks.

Sometimes an attorney is able to get defendants excused from their first court date. As soon as a lawyer is hired, they begin investigating the case to see what the possible pleas and penalties may be and what else to expect as the case progresses. As far as discussing an evaluation of the case with the defendant, it may take a few months as it must wait until there is a complete investigation.

An attorney needs to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and sometimes they need to subpoena records. When they have thoroughly investigated the case, the lawyer can tell the defendant what the defense strategy is.

Contact an Attorney Early on in the Bail Process

An important part of the bail process in Fort Worth is contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. It is essential to have an attorney early on in a case so that they can preserve evidence. The lawyer could also ensure that the defendant does not miss any deadlines, especially with DWI cases. There are deadlines that can happen quickly after an arrest, such as the right to an administrative hearing and whether or not the individual’s license will be suspended. An attorney could use the hearing as a chance to cross-examine the arresting officer to pin the officer down on many issues that may work to the defendant’s benefit.

If a lawyer is not hired in time or if the hearing is not demanded in time, which is 15 days from the arrest, then the right to the hearing is lost. The hearing is important to winning many cases.

How a Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Could Help

A lawyer could help a defendant at trial by cross-examining the arresting officer and ensure that they are remembering thing correctly. It is not uncommon for officers to misremember what exactly happened during an arrest because they have done so many similar arrests before. If an officer does this, an attorney can impeach the officer because there is a written transcript of their sworn testimony. This is why it is imperative to have an attorney at the administrative hearing. For more information about the bail process in Fort Worth and how an attorney could benefit you, call today to schedule a consultation.


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