The Reunion Tower In Dallas TX

Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is a feature of the skyline of Dallas, Texas. The GeO-Platform, which is an indoor/outdoor observation deck, is a highlight of the building. While on site, tourists may take advantage of great picture opportunities as well as unique shopping alternatives to help them remember their stay. At the center of the tower is a geodesic sphere with 259 LED light nodes, each of which is programmed to perform a unique light show according to the occasion, such as holidays, local sports event victories, and citywide events.

Located in downtown Dallas, Reunion Tower is an observation tower (561 ft) that is one of the city’s most identifiable monuments. The tower, which is located in the Reunion neighborhood of downtown Dallas and is a component of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, is one of the highest skyscrapers in Dallas. The hotel was a free-standing edifice until they built an extension in 1998. The tower is around 1,000 feet away from Dealey Plaza, which was the scene of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.

The observation level contains an interactive multimedia experience with information about the city and its landmarks, the Tower itself, the events of November 22, 1963, a live view of ultra-definition displays and more. The outside of the deck has telescopes with the opportunity to look in every direction.


The globe at the top of the building is lighted at nite by 259 unique LED lamps created by Altman Lighting and Color Kinetics, a part of Philips Solid State Lighting.

It was installed by the company. Wiremark, a Dallas-based LED lighting business, was in charge of the design, installation, and programming of the lighting system.

Every one of the original lighting fixtures, which were ordinary incandescent, utilized 130 watts of power per unit. In comparison, the new LED lighting system, with all of its color and animation possibilities, consumes less than one-fifth of the power used by the previous lighting system.

In reality, each point on the Reunion Tower consumes the same amount of power as an ordinary nightlight, and as much as two nightlights at their brightest setting when all of the points are on.

Hours Of Operation For The Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, hours change throughout the year depending on holidays and special events. You can find an up-to-date schedule on their website, which includes hours of operation for both the GeO-Deck and the eateries.

Location: Reunion Tower, 300 Reunion Boulevard East, Dallas, TX 75207

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