Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District

Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District

Overview and Brief History

Dealey Plaza can be described as a city park located in downtown Dallas. The historic district spans 15 acres and sits on the location where former US President – John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The district was included in the register for historical places and considered a historic landmark in 1993.

Contributing Buildings, Sites, Structures, and Objects

Dealey Plaza is composed of several properties and significant buildings. They include; the County Administration Building, which is a 7-story building housing Sixth Floor Museum. It also happens to be the building where President John F. Kennedy was shot from.

Dal-Tex Building & Annex (constructed in 1904) is also part of the buildings that make up the Dealey Plaza landmark district. Other buildings include Dallas County Records Building Annex, Criminal Courts Building, the Post Office Terminal Annex, and Union Terminal Company Tower.

Contributing sites include the Kennedy assassination site and the MKT Railroad Yards composed of six railroad tracks that run north to south and converge into four tracks at Triple Underpass.

Contributing structures of the Dealey Plaza Landmark District include two reflecting pools that extend along Houston Street within the Plaza. The Pergolas along Elm & Commerce streets are other notable structures. The concrete columnar pergolas have a historic significance honoring Dallas founder – John Neely Bryan.

Other notable structures include the Triple Underpass located west of Dealey Plaza. The unpainted railroad overpass was built by Works Progress Administration alongside other original Dealey Plaza amenities.

Structures aside, Dealey Plaza is also composed of objects such as the Dealey Statue resembling the Plaza’s namesake – George Dealey. The statute is situated south of the Plaza’s main street entrance (along Houston Street). The statue dates back to 1948. It features a red granite slab with four bronze tablets that describe Dealey’s accomplishments in the community and professionally.

Kennedy Memorial & Plaza is also part of Dealey Plaza’s historic landmark district. The Plaza is situated between commerce and main streets. Kennedy Memoria & Plaza is located above a parking structure. The memorial features benches, trees, an open space (50-by-50-feet) and 30-foot concrete walls. The memorial was designed by a renowned architect – Philip Johnson. The center features an 8-foot black granite slab featuring president Kennedy’s names engraved in gold.

The contributing buildings, sites, structures, and objects all offer perfect attractions for Dallas residents and tourists keen on exploring historical attractions.

Directions from Dealey Plaza to The Medlin Law Firm

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