Interesting Places To Check Out In Cedars, Dallas TX

The Cedars district is one of the earliest neighborhoods in Dallas. It was initially developed in the 1870s with moderately-priced properties. By the late 19th century, this district had become a premier destination. Among the owners of majestic Victorian homes that line the streets are politicians, wealthy businessmen, and lawyers. The Cedars district is also known to be a refuge for artists and musicians for more than 20 years. 

This district received some upgrades in the past few years and earned the reputation of being one of the modern districts in the city. The building of new townhomes, renovation of warehouses lofts and apartments, and repurposing of other properties gave the landscape a major facelift. The Cedars district offers plenty of options within walking distance since it is conveniently located just south of Downtown.

Today, the Cedars district is teeming with interesting spots and has so much to offer to residents and visitors alike.

A Blast From The Past

Dallas Heritage Village was established in the Cedars district back in 1966. It has a large collection of pioneer and Victorian houses and commercial buildings from 19th century Texas. The old buildings were moved into this location. It is like a lost piece of the past carefully preserved at the heart of the city. There is so much to see from the historical homes and cottages with their authentic kitchenware. 

Visitors will also enjoy the mule ride around the park and the chicken coop. The saloon, halls, and schoolhouse, all seem out wonderfully of place in Downtown Dallas, but it gives a quick glimpse of how life was before the superhighways. You can visit at 1515 South Harwood Dallas, TX 75215, United States.

Great Stays, Great Bites

CANVAS Hotel, located in the Cedars district, offers a splendid view of the city. The facility itself has an industrial vibe, complemented by modern decors and design. It has spacious rooms but minimalist thems and comfy king-size beds. 

The CANVAS Hotel also offers splendid views of sunsets on the rooftop. Downtown Dallas in the background also provides great date night vibes for couples and friends. Free parking is another attractive perk for guests. The CANVAS Hotel is at is at 1325 S Lamar St Dallas, TX 75215, United States.

Turkey Leg Paradise is not just all about turkeys. Their menu includes fried seafood & sandwiches in a casual setting. But if you are craving turkey meat that falls off the bone then this is the perfect place. 

The turkey portions are very generous as well and melt in your mouth literally. Pricing is also reasonable. If you’re down with a bomb turkey surprise, you can visit Turkey Leg Paradise at 1715 S Lamar St Dallas, TX 75215, United States.

Get Moving, Heave

Founded in 2016, Crossfit Archon in the Cedars district aims to create an open venue for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. It hosts a very welcoming community with experienced fitness instructors taking the lead. The center specializes in Olympic-class weightlifting and strength training. Crossfit Archon is at 1721 Botham Jean Blvd, Dallas, TX 75215, United States.


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