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About Highland Park

The town was dubbed “Highland Park” due to its higher elevation in comparison to the surrounding region and the fact that 20% of developed land was set aside for park space. Highland Park borders a total area of 2.26 square miles.

The upscale suburb of Highland Park is located just five minutes north of downtown Dallas. It not only features luxury shops, but it’s also a site to several of Dallas’ most popular eateries such as Taverna, Nonna, and  Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano.

Highland Park, one of Dallas’ most elite communities, is indeed the place to be. Beautiful parks are among the most enticing characteristics of this upscale region. Y you can enjoy the beautifully landscaped outdoor settings, which include swan ponds, walking routes, tennis courts, and fountains.  Highland Park rose to prominence in the early 1980s when the popular television program “Dallas” was filmed on-site there.

Pecan Tree

The great old pecan tree along Armstrong Parkway near Preston Road was a genuine Highland Park’s jewel. This massive oak was almost 140 years old.

The Republic of Texas gave Dr. John Cole a headright of 410 acres of land in Dallas County in 1843, including the lot where the pecan tree was rooted. He began purchasing additional property, counting the landmass that became Highland Park and a portion of University Park.

Joseph Cole— John Cole’s son, spotted the pecan tree while sowing corn and unintentionally plowed over the then little pecan tree. After returning from the Civil War and witnessing so much damage and slaughter, Joseph Cole pegged the tree to preserve it and watered the pecan tree as a testimony to life. The Philadelphia Place Land Association then bought 294.9 acres of land from Joseph Cole on the condition that the buyer will continue to tend the tree. In 1908, it was John S. Armstrong who purchased the land upon which the pecan tree grows.

Years later, while the town was being developed,  Edgar Flippin and Hugh Prather, commissioned a renowned city architect named George E. Kessler to create a parkway to safeguard the tree as well as provide it with a prominent location at the town’s entry. Then it came to a point when the removal of the tree was essential for the safety of inhabitants and vehicles in the neighborhood due to its great size and unstable status. That is why on October 21, 2019, the great old tree was cut down.

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