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Stonewall Terrace is a residential neighborhood in eastern Dallas, TX, bordered by Wilshire Heights, North Stonewall Terrace, Glencoe, and Lower Greenville. Stonewall Terrace is bounded by Skillman Street on the east, East Mockingbird Lane on the north, Greenville Avenue on the west, and Mercedes Avenue on the  south.

This neighborhood near the City of Dallas provides both residents and tourists with an urban vibe. Stonewall Terrace has a wide variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and events all year round that you will surely love.

Food & Dining

Visitors and residents of Stonewall Terrace in the City of Dallas, have a variety of dining options that would satisfy anyone’s taste buds. The White Rock Coffee, Leila, or Starbucks are a staple and go-to coffee shops for an early morning caffeine fix. For a breezy and relaxed weekend brunch, head on to Latin Deli, Knife Dallas, or Bubba’s Cooks Country and try their signature dishes. 

Dessert shops in Stonewall Terrace such as Central Market, Pokey O’s, and World Market, are among the top choices for people craving for sweet treats. Tacos from Saint Taco, Uno Mas, or Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano are popular restaurants in this neighborhood if you crave for some Tex-Mex eats. You can also try some meaty burgers from Burgerfi, Edible Delights, or Keller’s Drive-In for a heavy lunch or dinner. Buzzbrews Kitchen, Burgerfi, and The Cheesecake Factory are also excellent choices for a memorable food and dining experience in Stonewall Terrace.

Shopping & Entertainment

The neighborhood also boasts a number of grocery stores including Aldi, Regency Centers, and Empire Nutrition. Stonewall Terrace also offers a phenomenal entertainment scene. This location also enjoys its perks for being so close to downtown Dallas, making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring the entertainment scene. Stonewall Terrace, like most suburbs in the Dallas, TX area, has a thriving live music, performance, and event scene thus it is undeniable that there are many things to do in this neighborhood. 

Stonewall Terrace is also well-known for its wine tasting events, which are organized by the local community and are open to visitors. If you want to unwind and take a stroll, the neighborhood has several parks and grass-carpeted gardens to explore. Biking, cycling, and walking are just a few of the activities available, especially given the neighborhood’s walkability and tranquility. With this calm, family-friendly vibe, it’s no surprise that it’s one of Dallas’ most desired places to visit and live.

The neighborhood  is within a stone throw away from everything Dallas, TX has to offer. The famous Greenville Avenue, with its exquisite food and dining experience, live music, boutiques, grocery stores, fitness clubs, and a variety of other activities is so close to this peaceful neighborhood. 

All of the other destinations are easily accessible by bike or foot via local streets and bike trails, which also provide a scenic view of the entire community. Visit Stonewall Terrace and become a part of the diverse experience that this vibrant Dallas neighborhood offers.

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