Perot Museum Of Nature And Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science focuses on educating visitors about the natural world and scientific phenomena. It is an important institution for education and discovery, providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to engage with science and learn about the world around them. The museum features a range of exhibits, interactive displays, and educational programs that aim to inspire curiosity and foster a greater understanding of the natural world.

Architecture And Design

The museum boasts a unique and modern architectural design that makes it stand out from other buildings in Dallas. It is composed of five floors of exhibit space and features a distinctive cube-like structure. One of its most notable features is the 54-foot continuous flow escalator that takes visitors from the ground floor to the top of the building.

It also incorporates sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems into its design. For instance, the building’s roof is covered with a 1.6-acre garden that helps to reduce the heat island effect and absorb rainwater. 

The museum’s energy-efficient systems also include a rainwater harvesting system, which collects rainwater to irrigate the garden, and a solar-powered system that helps to generate electricity for the building. Overall, the Perot Museum’s design and features showcase its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Exhibits And Displays

The museum offers visitors a variety of exhibit halls and displays that cover a broad range of topics related to natural history and scientific phenomena. Some of the exhibit halls and their themes include:

  • Expanding Universe Hall.
  • Being Human Hall.
  • Gems and Minerals Hall.
  • Energy Hall.
  • T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall.

In addition to these exhibit halls, the museum also features a number of interactive displays and hands-on activities that encourage visitors to engage with science in a fun and interactive way. Examples include a virtual reality experience that allows visitors to explore the depths of the ocean, a robot-building workshop, and a dinosaur dig where visitors can search for fossils. 

Overall, the Perot Museum’s exhibits and displays provide a unique and engaging way to learn about the natural world and scientific phenomena.

Highlights Of The Museum

Two of the most popular exhibits are the “Being Human Hall” and the “Life Then and Now Hall.”

The “Being Human Hall” explores the complexities of the human body and mind through interactive displays and exhibits. Visitors can learn about the brain and its functions, see real human specimens, and even test their own senses through hands-on activities. One popular exhibit in this hall is the “Virtual Body” experience, where visitors can use touch screens to explore the inner workings of the human body in 3D.

The “Life Then and Now Hall” takes visitors on a journey through the evolution of life on Earth, with displays featuring prehistoric creatures, fossils, and other artifacts. The hall includes a giant prehistoric sea turtle fossil, a life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex model, and interactive exhibits that showcase the biodiversity of Texas.

The Perot Museum also has an extensive collection of gems and minerals, which are showcased in the Gems and Minerals Hall. Visitors can see a variety of specimens from around the world, including rare gems like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. One of the hall’s most impressive displays is a 5,000-pound amethyst geode, which is one of the largest in the world.

Educational Programs And Events

The museum offers a variety of educational programs and events for visitors of all ages, designed to inspire curiosity and encourage exploration of the natural world. There are workshops and classes throughout the year, covering topics such as robotics, coding, and natural history. These programs are designed to be hands-on and interactive, providing a fun and engaging way for visitors to learn about science.

It also hosts a number of special events throughout the year, such as lectures, science fairs, and holiday-themed programs. These events provide opportunities for visitors to explore science in a social and engaging setting.


Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in science and natural history. With its unique design, fascinating exhibits, and engaging educational programs, the museum provides a memorable experience that is both fun and informative. It’s worth a visit whenever you find yourself in the area.

Location: 2201 N Field St, Dallas, TX 75201, USA.

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