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Bryan Place Dallas History

Bryan Place is a vibrant neighborhood in Uptown Dallas. It has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. There are multiple parks in and around Bryan Place, including a swimming pool as well as other facilities for community use. The architecture of Bryan Place is diverse – there are Victorian homes and historic buildings mixed with newer structures, such as single-family homes with beautiful gardens. There are many transportation options from within the neighborhood, ranging from highways to trains to buses Bryan Place is part of the Greenville community.

The neighborhood has a mix of old and new buildings, which were built in the 1980s by Fox and Jacobs. These buildings give the neighborhood a unique character that attracts people from all over Dallas.

The “lively” environment on Live Oak Street is one of the highlights of Bryan Place. In addition, Exall Park is a popular spot for residents to relax and enjoy nature.

Bryan Place is one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods. It was originally known as Bryan’s Place and was annexed into the city in 1873. The neighborhood had a short-lived swimming pool association, which no longer exists. In 1890, the name changed to Bryan Place after its founder, James M. Bryan. Today, the neighborhood borders two major highways and a train line on three sides and is adjacent to downtown Dallas.

The history of Bryan Place is a bit convoluted, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless. The area was originally developed as a streetcar suburb in the late 1800s, and it featured several parks and community facilities. However, over time the neighborhood fell into disrepair and disappeared altogether.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Bryan Place is now a predominantly residential area with some remnants of its former self. There are still a few community buildings and parks from its streetcar days and the earliest transportation options were walking or streetcars (streetcar lines are still present). 

Bryan Place Dallas has nearby schools and is close to a few major roads. In addition, there is one high school in the neighborhood – North Dallas High School. It has convenient access to the city’s public transportation system and it’s just minutes away from the Dallas Love Field Airport.

Residents & Points Of Interest

The neighborhood is diverse, with a mix of young professionals and families, as well as some retirees. The neighborhood is also home to the Dallas Museum of Art’s sculpture garden, which features works by Rodin, Moore, and Calder. 

Interestingly enough, during the streetcar era, there was actually one swimming pool association operating in Bryan Place. Unfortunately, that pool has since closed down. 

Other points of interest in Bryan Place are the Bryan Place Park and the Bryan Street Historic District. The neighborhood also features an eclectic blend of restaurants and shops, including a local grocery store.


Bryan Place is located close to the Dallas North Tollway, which makes it easy for residents to travel throughout the city. The neighborhood is also close to the Dallas Museum of Art, which features an impressive sculpture garden. The museum’s collection includes works by Rodin, Moore, and Calder. All in all, Bryan Place is a small but vibrant part of uptown Dallas that has a lot of character!

Driving Directions

From Bryan Place to Exall Park

Head northeast on Trevolle Pl toward Marseille Pl, on Spenwick Terrace just after Little Ducks – Speech & Language Therapy, turn right toward Bryan St, your destination is just crossing the street    

From Exall Park to The Academic

Take  Mccoy St towards Macedonia Baptist Church and turn right onto Ross Ave near to Macallan at Ross your destination will be on the right before Ross at Washington – N – NS bus stop and in front of the Toller Patio Bar & Grill


From The Academic to Henley Apartments

Head southwest on Ross Ave toward the Raw Render Studio and turn left when you get to Dahlia Bar & Bistro onto N Hall St, after that turn right at the 1st cross street onto San Jacinto St your destination will be on the right before Marseille PI cross and in front of the video production service called 12 Forward Entertainment 

From Henley Apartments to Bryan Place Swimming Pool Association

Head southwest on San Jacinto St toward OnMyWay Travel Agency, turn left onto Pavillion St, and after that turn right onto Adolph St, your destination will be on the left

Here is a map

From Bryan Place Swimming Pool Association to Newsline Plastics, Inc

Head northeast on Adolph St toward Pavillion St, turn right onto Pavillion St, and then turn right onto Birkenhead Ct, then turn right onto Carmel St near to Maria Miller Media turn right to saty on Carmel St, in the corner turn left onto Bryan St, turn left onto Bryan St and turn right onto Liberty St your destination will be on the left before you get to the Munkey Market

From Newsline Plastics, Inc to Exall Recreation Center

Head southwest toward Liberty St, turn left onto Liberty St and turn left after Corner Donuts at the 1st cross street onto Live Oak St after 0.4 miles turn left onto Adair St just after getting to the Live Oak at Adair -E- NS bus stop, your destination will be on the left before you get to convent St 

Need a Map?

From Exall Recreation Center to Thirty Thirty Bryan

Head southeast on Adair St toward the insurance agency Princeton Insurance, turn right onto Live Oak St towards WellMed at Live Oak and after 0.4 miles turn right when you reach the Live Oak at Liberty -W- NS bus stop onto Liberty St, then turn right onto Bryan St and your destination will be on the right across Bryan Street Station Condo Sales

From Thirty Thirty Bryan to The Medlin Law Firm

Head southwest on Bryan St toward Liberty St, turn left onto Liberty St Turn right onto Live Oak St when you get to Corner Donuts, and continue for 0.2 miles, when you get to the Latino Cultural Center, turn right onto N Good Latimer Expy and go on until you reach the Light Rail Station Deep Ellum Station and turn right onto pacific Ave, your destination will be on the left just after the Gaston at Good Latimer -N- NS bus stop

Check out this map

From Bryan Place To The Medlin Law Firm

From Bryan Place To Old East Dallas


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