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Students attending high school, college, or university make up a great deal of Parker County’s populace, each of them trying to better their future by getting an education and improving themselves. Unfortunately, students are not immune from criminal accusations, especially once they turn 18 and become legal adults. If you are—or your child is—a student facing a criminal charge in Texas, you may benefit from speaking to a Parker County student defense lawyer for help with your case. A seasoned defense attorney should know how local police and schools treat such allegations and help ensure one mistake does not derail a promising future.

What Happens When Students Commit Crimes

Alcohol offenses are some of the most common criminal charges that students face, whether centered around possession, consumption, distribution, possessing an open container in a vehicle, or driving while under the influence. The law in Parker County states that no one can possess or consume alcohol unless they are 21 years of age or older. Even those that are of age but provide alcohol to a minor can be charged with a crime.

Many students also face charges for allegedly using or possessing illegal drugs. Other crimes students sometimes face include sexual assault, battery, reckless driving, and petty theft.

While some of these crimes are more serious than others, it is usually important that students always speak to a Parker County student defense attorney if they are charged with one. Even a crime that is considered a misdemeanor can result in high fines or jail time.

Moreover, a conviction would remain on a student’s permanent criminal record. That could result in them being denied employment or entry into graduate school, law school, or medical school. It can also result in the student being expelled or suspended from their school. Contact an experienced Parker County student defense lawyer to learn about potential legal solutions that may be effective.

Code of Conduct Violations

Schools want to ensure that their students are behaving in an appropriate manner both on and off campus. For this reason, many schools require their students to abide by a student code of conduct. When a student fails to do this and is accused of cheating, harassment, or any criminal act, it can also have severe non-criminal consequences, such as expulsion from their school.

When a student is accused of violating their school’s code of conduct, they often have to face a disciplinary committee or take part in other discipline hearings. These hearings are not criminal trials, and as such, students do not have the same legal rights that they may be granted in a courtroom. Furthermore, if the outcome of the hearing is not beneficial for the student, it can still have many of the same the negative consequences that being charged with a crime can.

However, that does not mean that students cannot hire an attorney to represent them during these hearings. A qualified student defense lawyer in Parking County could ensure that a student’s civil rights are always upheld, and they may even be able to help students argue their case to ensure the best possibility of a positive outcome.

Hiring a Parker County Student Defense Attorney Who Could Help

Accusations made by either a student’s school administrators or by law enforcement can derail that student’s future, academic or otherwise. If you or your child were accused of committing a crime or other wrongdoing, consider seeking assistance from a Parker County student defense lawyer.

While it may seem as though there are not a lot of options, a dedicated defense attorney could fight for your rights, gather evidence to support your defense, and advocate tenaciously on your behalf. Do not let one bad decision change your life unnecessarily—call today to set up a consultation.


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