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An arrest can be a stressful occurrence in a person’s life, but it is important to note that it may also be an entrance into a criminal justice process that is as complex as it is burdensome. If you were accused of committing a criminal offense in the State of Texas, a Parker County criminal lawyer may be helpful in navigating what can sometimes be a confusing journey through the justice system.

With a multitude of criminal offenses stipulated through legislation, there are a vast number of reasons a person might find themselves facing criminal charges. However, for each instance, the goal of the prosecutor is often the same – to pursue a conviction based on the evidence and statements gathered by the police. Since conviction for both misdemeanors and felonies frequently lead to fines, probation, incarceration, and a permanent criminal record open to the public, consider consulting with an aggressive defense attorney. An accusation for a criminal offense could drastically and negatively impact your quality of life as well as prevent a person from receiving future opportunities in employment and education.

Criminal Justice Process in Parker County

The arrest phase is sometimes a defendant’s first entrance into the criminal justice process, but the complete criminal justice process may stretch out over time and include numerous appearances in court. That process may include:

  • Arraignment – when a plea is entered into record
  • Pre-trail hearings and conferences – when various motions may be argued
  • Trial – when the prosecution and the defense argue the merits of their case and a judge or jury determines guilt or innocence
  • Sentencing – when the punishment is determined

An experienced Parker County criminal attorney who is familiar with these types of cases could help a person navigate the difficulties often associated with filings and motions. Avoid complications and rework from inaccurate paperwork and schedule a consultation today.

The Role of an Attorney

The right to have an attorney acting on behalf of a defendant is an important right, with the court often appointing an attorney to those who cannot afford one. However, use of a court-appointed attorney may often lead to less-than-optimal results. While a defendant who works with a lawyer well-versed in Parker County criminal law and procedure could have someone on their side who is fighting for them throughout the process.

Outside of the courtroom, that might include the filing of various pre-trial motions or it could include a more thorough investigation into the facts, to bolster the defense arguments at trial. During the trial phase, a defense attorney typically will argue the case before the judge or jury. They might even present arguments after a conviction, to mitigate the potential sentences, or to appeal to a higher court to overturn the sentence. Despite the situation, speaking with a qualified Parker County criminal lawyer could be beneficial.

Contact a Parker County Criminal Attorney Who Could Help

No criminal offense should be taken lightly and no stage of the Texas criminal justice process should be ignored. If you are facing criminal charges, contact a Parker County criminal lawyer today. They could examine your case and possibly help you throughout the process to better establish a credible defense strategy. Call today to get started.


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