Green Card: Values & Responsibilities That You Acquire

A U.S. Green Card enables an individual to live, work, and start the naturalization process in the United States. This cardholder is viewed as a permanent resident of the U.S. and therefore is eligible for many. However, not all of them have the same advantages as nationals.

The American government awards Green Cards every year. An estimated 281,000 Green Cards were granted in 2022 to individuals with legal permanent residence status in the United States. 

Three groups of individuals are typically granted permanent resident status:

  • Individuals who possess a Green Card are given a brand-new one.
  • Relatives of U.S. citizens.
  • People in the country on Work Permits.

This post discusses the advantages of acquiring a Green Card in the United States, covering Fort Worth TX, and some significant considerations.

Benefits & Advantages Of Having A Green Card

Discover The Benefits Of Obtaining A Green Card And Legal Status In The U.S.

A Green Card provides various benefits, chief among which is the ability to live and continuously work in the country, including Fort Worth TX, and, after a specified period, to become a citizen.

You have three years to file a citizenship petition if you are married to an American citizen. If you were married to a citizen of the U.S. and filed for a Green Card, you can be granted conditional permanent residency.

You cannot be expelled from your nation of birth. Regardless of how many changes to the system may be introduced, individuals with Green Cards are generally deemed, legitimate residents. 

Therefore, if immigration laws are enforced, a Green Card cannot be repealed. Nonetheless, holders of gGreen Cards might lose their ability to stay in the state if they contravene the law, engage in a crime, or engage in activities that could lead to repatriation.

According to U.S. law, the state in which you are presently residing, and local law, you are entitled to protection. These same constitutional freedoms as American citizens apply to people who have been awarded resident status. More here.

You can keep your citizenship in your home nation. The American government does not demand that newly naturalized Americans surrender their citizenship in their birth country.

Moreover, although the Oath of Allegiance to the United States emphasizes renunciation of “allegiance and fidelity” to certain other countries, dual citizenship is not covered in U.S. immigration law.

Additional Rights A Green Card Holder Have

As a Green Card holder, you can travel, seek employment, and access federal services in U.S. states, including Fort Worth TX. Here are the additional rights of acquiring a Green Card:

  • You can reapply for your Green Card once every ten years. Some Green Card never lapse. The ones that remain have such ten years.
  • Contrary to other Visa workers, you have greater access to transit to and from America. In addition, legal residents may exit the state and re-enter within a year as long as they have a permanent Green Card.
  • If a person has a Green Card and stays in the nation long enough, they can be considered for social security benefits. You are entitled to receive government assistance such as social security and study funding. Legal immigrants must apply for state monetary assistance for pupils. Additionally, numerous schools provide residency or in-state tuition costs to residents possessing Green Card. 
  • Permanent residents can compete for jobs necessitating certifications and collaborate with the federal government. Applications are encouraged for a range of positions. Compared to Work Permits, some with Green Cards have broader work opportunities. 
  • You will be able to participate in democracy. Green Card holders can donate money or provide their time to support the candidate in the American elections. However, you cannot vote for a candidate.

Values & Responsibilities Of Having A Green Card

Once you have a Green Card, you are a legal permanent U.S. resident, including the Fort Worth TX, area, and are subject to specific responsibilities.

  • Green Card holders are bound to adhere to applicable regional, statewide, municipal, and restrictions specific to their residence area.
  • Green Card holders are obligated to submit earnings tax documents and register their incomes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), just like American citizens.
  • Citizens with Green Cards cannot undertake illegal methods to modify the political structure, just as American citizens cannot.
  • Men possessing Green Cards ranging from the ages of 18 and 25 could participate in Selective Service.
  • Holders of Green Cards should always keep a certified Green Card on board. If you do not possess a Green Card, you risk serving a minimum of 30 days in detention.

Restrictions & Constraints Of Having A Green Card

Since they are not American citizens, holders of Green Cards don’t acquire all of a citizen’s entitlements. They can, nevertheless, reside and stay in the country yet still access the vast majority of the advantages. However, the following limitations also impact Fort Worth TX:

  • Green Card holders are not given the right to vote.
  • Green Card holders are considerably less inclined to receive consideration when sponsoring their families’ petitions than American citizens.
  • Green Cards do not necessarily extend to people born overseas and are not interchangeable.
  • If a bearer of a Green Card departs the country entirely, the same taxes would be imposed.
  • Green Card holders cannot apply for a U.S. passport or run for public office.
  • A Green Card holder’s conditional security from repatriation is not assured. However, it should be underlined that recipients of Green Cards aren’t subject to expulsion on the occasion that U.S. immigration law reforms.

Removal Of Conditions Overview

Your Green Card (Visa) will be “conditional” and only be valid for two years if you and your spouse had not yet been engaged for two years when your petition for a Green Card (Visa) was granted. The next stage is to submit a request for the Removal of Conditions to get a 10-year green card and take up residence in the U.S., including Fort Worth TX.

Conditional Green Card

With a conditional Green Card, you can stay and work in the United States like any other Green Card owner, but only for two years before you must petition for a complete, ten-year Green Card.

Green Cards with conditions cannot be reissued. For example, suppose your immigration status is not modified within the 90-day timeframe before your conditional Green Card expiration. In that case, you will lose your permanent resident status and be required to leave the country.

The initials CR1 on the Green Card stands for “conditional resident.”

Conditional Permanent Residency

A conditional permanent resident instead receives a certificate that is non-renewable and only valid for two years, as compared to a permanent Green Card, which is permanent and acceptable for ten years.

You have 90 days to file a proposal to lift the constraints on your resident status until your conditional green service ends.

In the event of marriage-based immigrants, after this two-year phase, you will be able to obtain a “permanent” Green Card, suitable for 10-year renewable durations. Still, you will need to establish your marriage’s authenticity. 

The words “immediate relative” are indicated by the initials “IR1” on the actual Green Card.

What The Law Says

Acquire The Benefits Of A U.S. Green Card And Rejoin Your Relatives Again

The Immigration and Nationality Act 264 declares, “Each immigrant in the United States will be given an alien registration receipt card or a certification of foreign registration in the form and at the time specified by regulations.

Additionally, it states that every eighteen or older alien must always carry their certificate of alien registration and have it in their custody. Any foreigner who refuses to obey such requirements will be accused of a misdemeanor.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at 8 CFR specifies the order to get more accurate steps for applying to renew a Green Card.

Becoming A Resident Alien

Unless you’re a resident alien, you need to apply the very same protocols whether you are in the state for reporting earnings. At the same time, all the inheritance and gift tax filings and completing annual tax obligations shall follow. Similar to being a U.S. citizen, your foreign revenue is subject to U.S. federal taxes. If you fulfill the Green Card criteria, you are considered a permanent alien for taxation purposes.

Assuming, for instance, you are a resident alien. At the same time, your spouse is a nonresident alien at the end of the fiscal year. You and your partner can agree to classify the nonresident partner as a resident alien of the U. S. Lastly, both of you can lodge Form 1040 under the filing status married, paying jointly.

Medlin Law Firm Can Assist You With A Green Card Process

Families seeking to settle in the United States may find it challenging to take the necessary measures to begin the citizenship process. You can get guidance with this difficult journey from the immigration lawyers at the Medlin Law Firm in Fort Worth TX.

These lawyers also comprehend the numerous processes in the deportation procedure and are experienced in fighting to stop the repatriation of a loved one. In addition, they can assist your family if anyone requires help qualifying for a Green Card.

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