Weatherford, TX

Weatherford, Texas is only noticed by some for being the last major exit off Interstate 20 as they head west toward Abilene. Others remember it as the point where I-20 and I-30 merge. However, this rural community is growing quickly for a number of reasons, though access to two major highways is contributing factor. The city’s population hit 30,000 in 2010, and it is growing at roughly three percent a year.

This is largely due to it becoming a de facto suburb of Fort Worth. People working in Fort Worth suburbs like White Settlement and Benbrook periodically move to Weatherford and commute in on I-20 and I-30. Weatherford is within easy reach of the west side of Loop 820, as well. This explains why the average Weatherford TX resident has a commute of 25 minutes, in line with the national average of 26 minutes. Demographic momentum plays a role, too, in the city’s growth.

The city’s population is several years younger than the national average, and many choose to move to Weatherford to find affordable, spacious homes on large lots. The median income in Weatherford was just under $60,000 a year, while the median home value was around $140,000. This is well below the nearly $200,000 median home price in Fort Worth. Weatherford hasn’t lost its rural character, though as a county seat, it has been the civic center of Parker County for years. For example, downtown Weatherford is famous for its iconic courthouse, and that’s located in the middle of a walkable town square.

The area is still called the Peach Capital of Texas. It is also called the Cutting Horse Capital of Texas. Interestingly, Weatherford will probably retain its rural character and Wild West feel. The Weatherford TX is notable for the number of summer camps in the area such as Camp Crucis and El Tosoro, the latter managed by Camp Fire First Texas. The relaxed, rural feel and affordable real estate explains why Weatherford real estate is appreciating at 15% a year, while homes in Fort Worth and Arlington are going up at around 10% a year.

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