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The core concept behind a robbery is easy to understand: a robbery is any theft that involves physical injury to the alleged victim. Prosecutors in Texas could also charge a defendant under the robbery statute if the defendant allegedly put a person in fear of bodily harm but does not actually harm them.

understand how the law works and how those laws interface with the facts of your case may be important when facing charges of robbery. This could allow you to formulate a defense that gives you the best chance of success.

A Weatherford robbery lawyer may be able to help with this. A determined theft attorney could work with you to hear your side of the story, dispute the idea that a theft occurred, and fight back against allegations of intimidation or the infliction of bodily injury.

Consult Your Legal Options With An Armed Robbery Lawyer In Weatherford

State Laws Concerning Robbery

The core robbery statute applicable to Weatherford is Texas Penal Code §29.02. This statute states that it is a criminal offense for any person to commit an act of theft against another person while intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing that person physical harm. The statute also applies if the defendant acts in a way that they know would place another in fear of imminent severe bodily harm or death.

A defendant accused of stealing another person’s wallet while holding a baseball bat may likely face robbery charges, even if they never swung the bat. If a defendant is unarmed but punches a person while taking their wallet, this could also count as a robbery. As any criminal attorney may be able to explain, robbery typically involves taking someone else’s property without permission by using violence, the threat of violence, or coercion. Our team of Weatherford robbery attorneys could work with anyone accused of robbery to determine whether the charge is appropriate given the circumstances of their case.

Potential Penalties A Defendant May Face

The Texas Penal Code classifies a simple robbery as a felony of the second degree. This may mean that a conviction could result in up to 20 years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of two years.

Texas Penal Code §29.03 provides a definition and penalties for allegations of aggravated robbery. Just like simple robbery, aggravated robbery involves a theft. This theft is accompanied by aggravating factors that may include:

  • Causing serious bodily injury
  • Carrying a dangerous weapon
  • Committing a simple robbery against a disabled person or a person over the age of 65

Aggravated robbery is charged as a felony in the first degree. This means that convictions carry a mandatory prison sentence of five years with a maximum term of 99 years. It may be possible for a Weatherford robbery lawyer to contest any assertion by the prosecution that a simple robbery should be prosecuted as an aggravated offense or argue that there was never a direct interaction between the defendant and the alleged at all and no threat or reasonable risk of physical violence.

Reaching Out To A Weatherford Robbery Lawyer

Allegations of robbery are serious felonies, and a conviction could result in a mandatory prison sentence and label a defendant as a felon. It may be essential that any person facing robbery charges be prepared to present a robust defense in court.

A team of Weatherford robbery lawyers from our firm could help prepare and present such a defense on your behalf. If retained, your attorney could work vigorously to evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case, discover any mitigating evidence, and create reasonable doubt in the minds of juries. Call today to see how we could help to protect your future.


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