Tarrant County Attempted Murder Lawyer

Attempted murder is a serious charge and, as with any association with homicide, may cause great harm to a person’s reputation and ability to work in the future. Other consequences related to family law or immigration issues may also arise.

Since murder is often considered one of the most severe offenses a person could commit, the state of Texas takes those types of charges very seriously and may pursue suspects with all the possible tools the government has. Even though attempted murder is a lesser charge than murder, a state prosecutor is unlikely to let a suspect off on an easy penalty.

If you are facing this charge or are concerned that you be accused of this serious offense, it may be vital to enlist the services of a knowledgeable Tarrant county attempted murder lawyer.

Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys could advise you of your rights and what possible defenses you may have against any accusations brought by the government.

Attempted Murder Laws

Homicide is defined as intentional, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently doing some act which causes the death of another person. According to Texas Penal Code Section 19.01, there are four types of criminal homicide:

  • Murder
  • Capital murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminally negligent homicide

Attempted murder is a failed attempt at murder. In Texas Penal Code Section 15.01, any criminal attempt includes preparing to commit the act and having a failed attempt to carry out the planned homicide. Attempted crimes may be punished at one degree lower than if the crime had been carried out to completion. Since murder is a first-degree felony, attempted murder is, therefore, a second-degree felony.

If someone has been charged with assault, it can be difficult to predict when this charge will be raised to the level of an attempted murder charge. The prosecutor tends to have some power in choosing how to charge an offense. In a situation where the act may look like a simple assault or attempted assault, an individual should be careful since the prosecutor may charge attempted murder if the state believes there was a failed attempt to kill another person.

Possible Defenses Against Penalties

Attempted murder is a felony and the state could punish someone convicted of this act by two to 20 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. If there are aggravating circumstances contributing to the attempted murder charges, the court may impose even stronger penalties.

In Tarrant County, the state government must prove that each element of the crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. The most difficult element to prove may typically be intent. The prosecutor must prove that the actor intended to commit murder and that the actor took some direct step towards the completion of the homicide.

Talk to a Tarrant County Attempted Murder Attorney

A felony charge might follow convicted persons throughout their lives. Considering the severity of the charge, an individual charged with attempted murder may need the services of an attorney who is familiar with how criminal laws are applied in Tarrant County.

If you are charged or may be charged with attempted murder, you could protect yourself by consulting with a Tarrant County attempted murder attorney who could help you prepare a strong defense. Call our legal team today to see if we can help represent you before the government and defend you against any potential penalties.


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