Tarrant County Simple Assault Lawyer

Simple assault is the contact with another when the person knows or should know that the other person would find the contact offensive and provocative. This offense is a contact or touch with the other person that is not acceptable. Simple assault is a Class C misdemeanor and someone charged with it could be facing a fine of up to $500.  The offender may also have to go to ticket court numerous times to pay or dispute the charge. Even though simple assault is a Class C offense, it carries ramifications that you should want to avoid. If you are facing charges, call a Tarrant County simple assault lawyer today. A seasoned assault attorney could build a viable defense and help you avoid a conviction.

Simple Assault Difference from Other Assault Offenses

As mentioned before, simple assault is a Class C misdemeanor offense. The major assault offenses are Class A charges that cause bodily injury and/or family violence. Class A misdemeanor assaults have a different length of punishment, which is up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.

The main difference between simple assault and other assault is when there is pain or injury. To learn more about the aspects of simple assault or other assault charges, contact a Tarrant County simple assault attorney. Simple assault cases usually result in jury trials. However, a person has the option for either a bench trial or a jury trial if the state agrees to the bench trial. An experienced defense lawyer could advise the defendant on their legal options.

Long-Term Consequences of a Simple Assault Charge

Although Class C misdemeanor charges may seem like they are not a big deal if the individual agrees to pay the ticket, they should know it will be an assault conviction on their record. A person does not want the consequences of an assault conviction on their record. When the other party is a family member, it could affect their rights to buy and own a firearm or ammunition. A conviction for simple assault could also affect the individual’s rights in family court or immigration court. Collateral consequences can result from a plea, therefore, a person facing charges should seek the services of a Tarrant County simple assault lawyer.

A Tarrant County Simple Assault Attorney Could be an Advocate

If you are facing simple assault charges, you may want to consult with an accomplished defense attorney right away. A Tarrant County simple assault lawyer could fight for you and advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process. A simple assault charge may not seem serious, however, a conviction could negatively impact your life in more than one way. This is why it is essential that you take these charges seriously by reaching out to a simple assault attorney in Tarrant County. An experienced lawyer will know how to handle this type of case and how to build a defense that could provide a favorable outcome for you. To learn more about how a dedicated legal professional could help you, call today to get started on your defense.


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