Tarrant County Assault with a Deadly Weapon Lawyer

A criminal conviction for an offense that involves an assault with a deadly weapon could have extremely negative consequences on your life. If you are facing charges for such an offense, it may be beneficial to speak with a Tarrant county assault with a deadly weapon lawyer to understand your legal rights and options.

It is important that in any conversations with the police, you do not make anything that qualifies as an admission of guilt. However, whether or not you believe you have done anything to reinforce the case against you, the services of a dedicated criminal defense attorney may be invaluable. Talk to our attorneys as soon as possible after being charged to protect your freedoms and future.

Related Laws

Assault means “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly” causing “bodily injury to another,” according to Texas Penal Code Section 22.01. It includes threats of physical harm and offensively touching another person.

Following that, assault with a deadly weapon is known in the Texas Penal Code as aggravated assault. This charge means that the government thinks the defendant used a deadly weapon while committing the act. A deadly weapon is defined by whether the item that was used or threatened to be used is able to cause serious harm.

The actor does not have to actually use the deadly weapon during the assault. Simply showing or threatening to use the weapon is enough to increase assault charges to aggravated assault, according to Section 22.02(a)(2).

Punishment for a Conviction

According to Section 22.02(b), aggravated assault is a second-degree felony and may carry a punishment of two to twenty years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. The courts could impose a higher sentence if the charges are upgraded to a first-degree felony. The factors that might lead to such a charge include:

  • Causing serious bodily injury with the deadly weapon to a family member or someone they are dating
  • Injuring a public servant during their work
  • Retailing against a potential witness
  • Injuring a security officer at work
  • Shooting from a vehicle

If the government convicts a defendant of a first-degree felony, the punishment is five years to life in prison.

If local courts convict someone with aggravated assault, each element of the act must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. For assault with a deadly weapon, this includes properly identifying the person that caused the serious injury, determining how close the defendant was to the plaintiff, and confirming the ability of the weapon to cause harm. A Tarrant county assault with a deadly weapon lawyer may help a plaintiff better understand their charges and the potential consequences they may face.

Call a Tarrant County Assault with a Deadly Weapon Lawyer

If you are concerned about the possible penalties from a conviction of an assault with a deadly weapon, you may want to reach out to our legal team, who are familiar with the procedures for offenses in Tarrant County.

The consequences of a criminal conviction can affect your life beyond the actual punishment, such as having a felony charge on your record or even facing deportation if you are a non-resident. Protect yourself from any potential negative outcomes of an assault charge by calling a Tarrant county assault with a deadly weapon lawyer today.


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