More About Roxane

After joining the Firm in June of 2020, she quickly realized that she wanted to make a larger contribution to the Firm’s clients and their cases. She believes that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and all of our clients should have a fair shot at reform and redemption. They also deserve the solid support of a team of professionals that will ensure the client is well represented and their cases are handled without bias.

When not working, she spends as much time as she can with her fiancée Stephen and their 6 kids. She enjoys the simple things like trees and water and wildlife that she never had in Midland. Most of her free time is spent outside, sitting on the porch, coffee-in-hand, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, hanging out with the kids, watching Steve work on his project ’91 Ford Bronco or going on a road trip any time they get the chance.


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