Travel Visa That Americans Find It Challenging To Obtain

The United States is one of the countries that allow its citizens to travel to 164 nations without a Visa. It makes it the second-most famous passport in the world.

Despite the numerous advantages of having a U.S. passport, most Americans still have countries that are out of reach.

Travel Visas That Are Challenging To Obtain By Americans

Even For U.S. Citizens It Can Be Challenging To Travel Without An Appropriate Visa In Other Countries

Here are nine places where getting a Travel Visa is considered the most challenging for U.S. citizens.

North Korea

On August 31, 2018, the U.S. Government issued a Level Four advisory for Americans planning to travel to North Korea. It means those planning on traveling to the country should not use a U.S. passport. 

The U.S. Government also stated that there is a significant risk of arrest and prolonged detention for U.S. citizens traveling to and through North Korea.

Unique validations are available but in minimal circumstances. Journalists, Red Cross staff members, and other individuals who would be in the national interest have these permissions. So if a person is a regular U.S. citizen living in Fort Worth, TX, they can not go.

Even if they can find a way to get around this issue, they might still want to rethink their trip to North Korea. 

Due to the lack of diplomatic relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the U.S. Government can’t provide emergency services in the country. If they decide to go, the U.S. State Department advises that they draft a will before leaving.


Getting a Visa is crucial when traveling to Chad, as Visas are unavailable immediately upon arrival. Before one leaves the country, one must secure a passport that has the necessary details to allow one to enter. 

It includes making sure they have the yellow fever vaccine and booking travel arrangements. In addition, the country has currency restrictions. Visitors are required to bring in at least 5 million CFA to secure a Visa. 

To apply for a Visa, one must visit the Embassy of Chad in Washington DC.

Moreover, they must have the necessary documents. These include a valid passport, proof of travel arrangements, and the yellow fever vaccine. They must also complete the Chad Visa application form.

Depending on the objective of their trip, they may also require a business introduction letter or an invitation letter. After 72 hours of arrival, first-time visitors must present a registration stamp to the Chadian National Police.


Obtaining a tourist Visa to visit Nigeria can be a complex process. Aside from completing the application and making a payment via money order, the Embassy of Nigeria also requires that travelers provide various documents. 

Some of these include a letter from the host accepting immigration responsibilities, a confirmed hotel reservation, and proof of funds for the stay.

Visa applicants from the U.S. who have a valid passport are required to pay a non-refundable $180 application fee. It ensures that funds will not be an issue once the application is submitted.


US citizens, including the ones living in Fort Worth, TX, are required to obtain a valid Iranian Visa before visiting Iran. One can do it through the Iranian Interests Section in the U.S. or an intermediary country such as Pakistan. More here.

However, before visiting Iran, U.S. citizens must first arrange a tour or arrange for a private guide.

Iran is one of the countries that doesn’t allow entry to people who have visited Israel. Officials in this country often deny entry to individuals who have stamps from Egypt or Jordan, as these countries are easy to reach from Israel.

The risks associated with traveling to Iran are more significant for Iranian Americans. Since the Government of Iran does not recognize dual nationality, it considers U.S.-based dual nationals to be individuals who are only citizens of Iran. 

In addition, it can also acquire the nationality of individuals who do not have an Iranian passport, such as people who have married an Iranian man or are born to an Iranian father.

Saudi Arabia

Despite the country’s recent efforts to attract more tourists, Saudi Arabia still doesn’t prioritize attracting non-Muslim visitors. The country is mainly known for its religious tourism, which is very popular among Muslims. 

Each year, millions of pilgrims make the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

All travelers to Saudi Arabia, except for citizens of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain, must have a Visa to visit the country and see its famous sandstone monuments. They must also get a sponsor, and women are required to wear a head covering when applying.

In Saudi Arabia, women only need to meet a male relative or sponsor to enter the country. They also have to confirm their accommodation arrangements.

In addition, the country’s law and tradition prohibit visitors from entering Saudi Arabia if they are indecent. It is a bit stricter than what Americans are used to, especially when traveling with partners. 

Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, thorough research of the country’s culture and traditions are essential. Another potential issue that travelers might encounter is the presence of a stamp from Israel on their passports.


U.S. citizens who plan to visit Russia should have a valid passport and a Visa from the Embassy or Consulate. To secure a Visa, a foreign visitor must have a sponsor, a relative, an employer, a tour operator, or a university.

A U.S. citizen, whether from Fort Worth, TX, or from other U.S. cities, must apply for a Russian Visa at a Russian Consulate or a Visa processing center. If they are traveling independently from Fort Worth TX, they must ensure that the hotel or hostel they book provides them with one.

The U.S. Embassy in Russia has stated that it is impossible to get an entry Visa upon reaching the country, so it is essential that travelers apply in advance. 

Those who do not have an entry Visa will be subject to an immediate return to their own country. The application process can take several months, but it is not impossible to get one.


Getting a tourist Visa in Turkmenistan is not as easy as it sounds unless one has an arranged tour with a local guide. 

They can do this through a transit Visa, which allows them to visit the country without needing Visa support from a tour company. However, this only gives them a few days in the country.

If one wants to prolong their stay in Turkmenistan and visit on a Tourist Visa, they need to have a letter of invitation approved by the country’s Government.

The U.S. State Department explains that the organization or person who will invite them must request the State Migration Service, which will send them a letter inviting them to apply for a Visa. 

This process usually takes around 15 business days. After receiving the invitation, they can go to the Embassy of Turkmenistan or the airport at Ashgabat upon arrival.


If U.S. citizens, including those from Fort Worth, TX, wish to receive an Indian Visa upon reaching their destination, they must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization. To travel to India, they must apply for a Tourist Visa at a local Consulate or Embassy. 

They should fill out the form, submit all the necessary details, and send it to the Indian Mission/Post along with the supporting documents. They should also make sure they apply for the correct type of Visa.


Although U.S. citizens can travel to China without securing a Visa, it is not a guarantee that one will be able to enter the country. Americans are required to apply for a Chinese Visa at a Consulate or Embassy. They must do this step not to waste time and money.

The process can be lengthy and challenging, as it involves filling out a lengthy form and answering several questions about their family members. But, despite the obstacles that come with the application, thousands of Americans each day can successfully land in China.

Before getting a Visa, they will need to provide supporting documents such as an invitation letter from a recognized organization in China, a confirmation of their hotel reservation, and a copy of their round-trip airfare.

Visa vs. E-Visa

Get Personalized Legal Advice If You Want To Obtain Your Visa For Travel To A Country Whose Regulations Require It

A short-term Visa allows people to travel to a specific country for some time. An E-Visa is a type of authorization that allows individuals to apply for a Visa online.

To apply for a Visa-on-arrival, the person must complete the form and attach all the necessary documents. On the other hand, a Tourist Visa is unnecessary for a person to travel to a country. 

They can purchase the tickets for their trip, and once they reach their destination, they will receive a stamp of approval from the authorities. 

Before applying for a regular Visa or an E-Visa, one must research. There are various resources online, and if they want to be sure, they can directly contact the Consulate or Embassy of the country they wish to visit.

If legal issues arise from getting a Visa or securing a plane ticket, having legal counsel to help them is a significant step to take. The Medlin Law Firm is a group of competent lawyers in Fort Worth TX, aiming to help people in various cases. It includes overseas travel or Visa-related suits.

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