Fort Worth Zoo Where You Can Observe Big Cats

Fort Worth Z00 In Texas 

A day out for the whole family would not be complete without a visit to Fort Worth Zoo. Since the new millennium, there have been numerous additions to the exhibits and these are just some of the attractions.

Wild Exhibits

In 2016 the Zoo started a massive renovation including a ‘Wilder Vision’, that included renovated habitats and multiple dining areas for the public.

The first renovation was the African Savanna, completed and opened in 2018, where you can see the Big Cats in the natural habitat. After that, the elephant exhibit was expanded opening in April 2021.

Meerkat Mounds

No visit to the zoo is complete without a visit to the Meerkats. They are a sociable colony and live in little mounds, and seem to be intent on entertaining the public. You can either see them through glass or from a boardwalk that provides a bird’s eye view of their activities, and they have now been relocated to the African Savanna section.

Texas Wild

Take the younger children to Texas Wild, so they can see the native animals of Texas. This section includes a hand-painted carousel.

Texas town has a play barn and prepares visitors to see the exhibits. Swift foxes, black foot ferrets, roadrunners, and prairie dogs are just part of what you will see and Fort Worth Zoo seems to have everything.

Australian Outback/Great Barrier Reef

You will see red kangaroos and little Tamar Wallabies. The Great Barrier Reef exhibit shows aquatic animals under the water. If you have watched the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, Nemo is there. amongst 500 other species, including, blacktip reef sharks, angelfish, moray eels, and clownfish.


Is an older exhibit, showing the largest collection of reptiles and amphibians in the world. You can view the snakes through the curved glass giving the illusion of no glass between you and the snake at all. This is followed up by an exhibit teaching the identification of native venomous snakes and how to treat a snakebite!! The children will love their visit to Fort Worth Zoo.

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