Fort Worth Aggravated Robbery Lawyer

Contrary to what you may think, robbery is more than the act of taking another person’s property. The presence of several other elements may turn a potential theft charge into a form of threatened or actual violence. Often, a simple misunderstanding can become a large matter that requires police involvement. Because of the nature of robbery, law enforcement agencies in Texas are often harsh when punishing people they convict of aggravated robbery. Even an allegation of aggravated robbery may have long-lasting effects on your reputation. If you were accused you of such an act, you may find the services of a Forth Worth aggravated robbery lawyer invaluable. A qualified robbery attorney could walk you through criminal proceedings, explain any potentially applicable laws, and represent your interests through the entire process.

Defining Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated robbery is a higher form of regular robbery. According to Texas Penal Code §29.03, a person may be charged with aggravated robbery if, during an intentional theft done to obtain or keep control of someone else’s property through knowingly or recklessly causing harm or a reasonable fear of harm, they used or possessed a deadly weapon, attacked someone who is disabled or over 65 years old, or caused extremely serious damage or injury.

“In the course of committing theft” means that the alleged conduct took place during an attempt to rob someone, during the theft, or during the flight from the place where the theft took place. Property can refer to tangible or intangible items, as long as the property has value.

Penalties for Aggravated Robbery

The difference between regular robbery and aggravated robbery is the presence of any one of the enhancement circumstances listed above. If a prosecutor can prove any of those circumstances existed, the court may convict that person of aggravated robbery, which is a first-degree felony. As such, representation from a Fort Worth aggravated robbery lawyer may be critical to the future prospects of someone accused of such a serious crime.

Besides capital offenses, first-degree felonies are the most serious offenses in Fort Worth. A judge can sentence someone the court convicts of aggravated robbery with between five and 99 years in jail. Because of the serious nature of these cases, Texas judges may be unlikely to grant probation if the court convicts the person. Typically, only a jury can award probation.

Let a Fort Worth Aggravated Robbery Attorney Help

No matter what stage in the process you may be in, you may want to see how an attorney could help you reduce or avoid the consequences related to a criminal accusation. A Fort Worth aggravated robbery lawyer may be able to explain the local laws to you, help you understand how the legal process works and work with you to build a strong plan of defense.

Though the procedure may seem confusing and hard to manage, you do not have to face criminal prosecution in the state of Texas alone. Call today to set up a consultation and get started on your case.


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