Sex Crimes Defenses in Fort Worth

In adult situations, consent is a frequent potential defense. There are also issues of defense from mistaken identity. That is usually going to mean a situation of a stranger with another stranger, but that can be a defense. Nevertheless, there may still be a consent situation, or possibly a situation where a defense is that it never really happened. To determine what defense may be applicable in your situation, consult with a Fort Worth sex crimes lawyer with our firm today.

Potential Penalties for a Sex Crime Conviction In Fort Worth

Potential penalties for sexual assault crimes, is a second-degree felony with punishment of two years up to twenty in prison, with fines totaling up to a $10,000. Aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree penalty punishable by five years up to ninety-nine years to life in prison, and up to a $10,000 fine. So the prison times for these offenses can be extremely lengthy. Parole cannot be considered until the person has served at least half of their time, regardless of good behavior. When a person receives a prison sentence, they are likely to serve at least half of that sentence or even more. In practice, they frequently serve a much greater portion than half of the sentence before they may be considered for parole, and sometimes others will never get out of jail at all.

Another collateral consequence of conviction for one of these offenses is the sex offender registration program. A person, even when they are on probation for such an offense, may be required to register as a sex offender for at least ten years beyond the date of their release, completion of probation, or for many of these offenses for the rest of their lives. This is a devastating consequence for most folks. When required to register as a sex offender, it can involve their identity being published on the department of public safety websites in this country. This information is available to the public, and they can be the subject of ridicule or even violence. Of course, the record may prevent them from being able to do anything in their lives as far as jobs, schooling, or even housing. The consequences can be devastating.

Why Is It Important To Retain An Experienced Attorney To Handle A Sex Crimes Case?

Crimes are very complicated, and so are the defenses. The risks are so high, that you should retain an experienced attorney in this field. You need someone with the talent to win the case, if the case goes to trial, and the respect of the prosecutors to convince him or her to dismiss the case if that is a possibility. The attorney has to have experience with complicated science, blood, and DNA testing. They should know identification procedures, consent issues, and have the talent and experience with trying cases on factual defenses.

Sometimes it did not happen. You are not going to have any chance of success unless you have talented trial attorneys with the ability to present the evidence, and allow the jury to find reasonable doubt in the case to acquit the defendant.


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