Appealing a Revocation Of Probation in Fort Worth

If a person has been sentenced to jail or prison after a probation revocation hearing, it is possible to appeal the revocation and keep the person from immediately going to jail. Sometimes there are reasons to appeal. If so, we may be able to win the appeal and keep the judge from revoking their probation. So, there is the possibility of the person immediately going to jail or prison, but there is also the possibility of appealing and preventing that person from going to jail until the appeal is decided. If we think we can win the appeal, then it may be a wise decision to file an appeal so that the person doesn’t go to jail or prison. Then, we can try to win the appeal so that they never go to jail or prison. Our Fort Worth probation violation attorneys would advise the client about the likelihood of success and what the proper decision is.

Importance of Legal Representation

If there is a situation in which someone has been accused of violating their probation (or they’re worried that they will be accused of violating their probation) or committing a new offense, then we carefully advise the client of the best way to handle the situation based on the particulars of their case. If it’s already been alleged that they’ve violated their probation, we, of course, let the client know that even though a motion to revoke probation has been filed, it has not yet been revoked. In that situation, the conditions of probation still apply, so we may carefully advise the client to continue to comply with all the other conditions of probation, such as reporting each month, paying monthly fees, continuing their counseling, etc. Then we start formulating a defense to whatever the accusation is.

How Our Attorney Can Help

If it’s an offense, we investigate that and decide how to cast doubt on whether or not they committed a new offense. If it’s a technical violation, then we may advise them on steps to take to mitigate the consequence of that technical violation or to show the judge why they should not be revoked for that technical violation. It may include continuing to complete any other conditions, expediting the completion of those conditions, finishing the community service hours or taking other steps to help build the case that their probation should not be revoked.

It depends on the particulars of the situation, but we carefully advise the client what their rights are, how we might be able to win the hearing, and what steps should be taken to help them get a good result and not go to jail or prison.

For more information on Appealing A Revocation Of Probation, a free initial consultation is your next best step.


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