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For many people, the term drug trafficking may conjure up unpleasant and foreboding images. However, an accusation of drug trafficking is not limited to gang members or other organizations involved in wholesale drug distribution. Ordinary individuals may also be accused of drug trafficking due to the broad definition of the term.

Those accused of drug trafficking in Fort Worth may be shocked at the severity of the charges levied against them. Such individuals, however, still have the option of hiring legal assistance to help with their defense. A Fort Worth drug trafficking lawyer may be able to provide necessary legal aid in your case. If you are accused of drug trafficking, a skilled attorney with knowledge of drug trafficking offenses could be an excellent resource to help you navigate their legal issues.

Trafficking Drug Laws

Texas state law forbids the knowing manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Such substances may include various types of illegal drugs or dangerous chemicals. The Texas Health and Safety Code categorizes different controlled substances into different penalty groups. Criminal punishment for drug trafficking thus depends on the specific substance being distributed and the penalty group to which that substance belongs.

What Penalties Should an Accused Person Expect?

The following statutes specify the possible punishments for drug trafficking for the various penalty groups:

  • Texas Health and Safety Code §481.112 for penalty group 1, including opioids, morphine, and cocaine
  • H.S.C. §481.1121 for penalty group 1-A, which covers lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
  • H.S.C. §481.113 for penalty groups 2 and 2-A, which respectively include hallucinogenic compounds and synthetic drugs or chemicals
  • H.S.C. §481.114 for penalty groups 3 and 4, which contain certain barbiturates and narcotics, and compounds or mixtures contain various narcotics, respectively

Under the above statutes, the distribution or delivery of any substance in any of the penalty groups is punishable as a felony. As a Forth Worth drug trafficking lawyer knows, criminal penalties become harsher as the amount of the substance trafficked increases. For example, according to T.H.S.C. §481.112, trafficking less than one gram of a substance in penalty group 1 is punishable as a state jail felony, but trafficking between four and 200 grams of such a substance is punishable as a first-degree felony.

Distribution or Trafficking of Marijuana

Separate statutes exist in Texas relating to the trafficking of marijuana. Under T.H.S.C. §481.120, a person accused of distributing marijuana may face a felony charge only if the amount of marijuana found under their control is more than a fourth of an ounce. Any amount less than that is punishable only by various degrees of misdemeanor charges. Anyone with more questions or concerns about marijuana laws in Fort Worth may benefit from consulting a Forth Worth drug trafficking attorney.

Risk of Contesting Charges Without Help of a Lawyer’s

Although being accused of a drug trafficking offense can be stressful and unpleasant, you do have options to protect yourself. Consulting a Forth Worth drug trafficking lawyer could be an excellent first step, as a qualified attorney could sit down with you and review your specific situation, and then provide you with a range of options on how to proceed. Above all, do not be intimidated by any charges filed against you. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, you may be able to understand your situation so it seems less daunting.

Criminal Defense Attorney In Fort Worth Texas With Experience Handling Drug Trafficking And Possession Charges

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