Fort Worth Felony Drug Possession Lawyer

The Texas state government takes a strong stance on drug possession. Some people may not consider mere possession of illegal drugs to be a big issue, but depending on the surrounding circumstances, it could lead to life-changing criminal penalties. If the police charge you with and convict you of felony drug possession, you may have to report your conviction on every future job application, and you may lose certain rights such as the right to gun ownership.

In the short term, you may be sentenced to at least a year in jail if convicted. If you find yourself facing such charges, consider reaching out to a Fort Worth felony drug possession lawyer. A felony charge may follow you for your entire life, but a seasoned drug possession attorney may be able to help you stand up for your rights and defend against any claims the government may bring against you.

Laws Governing Felony Drug Possession
Texas state laws related to controlled substances can be found in Chapter 481 of the Health and Safety Code. For instance, Texas Health and Safety Code §481.115 describes the laws related to possession of Penalty Group 1 drugs, a category which includes cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, methamphetamines, and heroin. Punishments related to possession depends on the amount of the drug a person has in their possession.

The court may charge someone found in possession of less than one gram of a Group 1 substance with a state jail felony. However, if the police catch someone with more than 400 grams, the court can punish that person with anywhere from ten to 99 years or life in jail and a fine of up to $100,000.

Meanwhile, possession of less harmful drugs may result in lesser charges with lesser associated penalties. For example, if the police arrest someone for possession of between five and fifty pounds of a Penalty Group 2-A substance, that person may face a third-degree felony charge. A Fort Worth felony drug possession lawyer could explore the circumstances of a particular plaintiff’s case and determine what type and degree of charges they are likely to face.

Felony Drug Possession Consequences
Along with possible jail time and large fines, felonies can have other effects on people the court convicts. Beyond just a minimum sentence of two years in prison as well as a potential $10,000 fine, anyone convicted of a non-state-jail felony may face additional long-term consequences such as:

  • Difficulty finding a job or entering college after disclosing a criminal record
  • Difficulty obtaining financial aid for university or renting an apartment
  • Negative effects on child custody battles or fostering or adopting a child
  • Denial of visas or green cards for immigrants
  • Inability to get a firearms license

It may be necessary to carefully approach any accusation of drug possession, especially if it involves a felony charge. A seasoned felony drug possession lawyer in Fort Worth may be able to structure a legal defense to specifically address and mitigate the risks associated with a drug possession charge.

Speaking with a Fort Worth Felony Drug Possession Attorney
If the police have approached you about alleged drugs in your possession, do not hesitate to take action in your own legal defense. Hiring an attorney may be vital to help ensure a positive outcome to your situation.

Every case is different, but an experienced and knowledgeable Fort Worth felony drug possession lawyer may be able to guide you through the legal process and help you figure out what options may be available to you. Call today to see what may be possible in your circumstances.


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