Fort Worth Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

The crime of conspiracy may often be a complex one, involving many different facts, scenarios, and individuals. A person accused of a drug-related conspiracy may struggle to understand the exact nature of the accusations against them.

If you are one such individual, you may benefit from calling a Fort Worth drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible. Established drug attorneys could help you make sense of your case and what exactly you have been charged with. We may also be able to defend you against any drug conspiracy charges and make sure that you have the resources you need to vindicate your rights.

Texas Law on Conspiracy

Under Texas Penal Code §15.02, there are three requirements for a conspiracy:

  • An intent that a felony be committed
  • An agreement between one or more individuals to do something that would constitute a crime
  • An overt act in furtherance of that agreement

A conspiracy charge is one category lower than the crime that is the object of the conspiracy. Therefore, if an individual is accused of a conspiracy to commit a first-degree felony, for example, then the actual conspiracy charge would be a second-degree felony.

What Someone Should Know About Defending Conspiracy Charges

The law in Fort Worth also restricts the number of possible defenses to a conspiracy. According to T.P.C. §15.02, an individual cannot argue that they themselves are not responsible for the crime in question, or that the crime never actually occurred. The same statute also stipulates that a conspiracy may be inferred from the conduct of the parties. As a result, a legally actionable conspiracy may occur even if a person did not verbally agree with anyone else to commit a crime.

Given the potentially broad outlines of conspiracy law in Texas, individuals may need legal assistance in facing any kind of conspiracy charge. For those accused of planning drug-related crimes in particular, Fort Worth drug conspiracy attorneys may be able to help.

Types of Drug Offenses Related to a Conspiracy Charge

It is possible for conspiracy law to apply to many different crimes, including drug offenses. Drug conspiracy charges may involve a conspiracy to distribute or deliver an illegal drug or controlled substance. In other words, the underlying crime in a drug conspiracy may be drug trafficking or distribution.

The potential punishment for distributing or dealing drugs in Fort Worth varies depending on the specific drug in question. Texas state law identifies six different penalty groups for different controlled substances. Each penalty group has different potential punishments for drug trafficking:

  • Texas Health and Safety Code §481.112 contains punishments for penalty group 1, which includes opioids and cocaine
  • H.S.C. §481.1121 contains punishments for penalty group 1-A, which includes LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
  • H.S.C. §481.113 contains punishments for penalty groups 2 and 2-A, which include hallucinogens and synthetic drugs, respectively
  • H.S.C. §481.114 contains punishments for penalty groups 3 and 4, which include barbiturates and compounds containing narcotics, respectively

These statutes indicate that the distribution or delivery of any substance in the above penalty groups is punishable as a felony. Any individual charged with a drug conspiracy involving a substance in any of the above penalty groups may need to contact a Fort Worth drug conspiracy lawyer in Fort Worth for legal aid and advice.

Seeking Help From a Narcotics Attorney

If you are charged with a drug conspiracy, or even if you think you may be charged with one in the future, you should ensure you have all the resources you need to defend yourself. A seasoned Fort Worth drug conspiracy lawyer may be able to provide legal aid and information that could help you in any future court case.

Dealing with a conspiracy charge can often be confusing. If you have a drug conspiracy case and are confused about the law or any legal procedures, get in touch with a skilled local attorney to determine how they could help you with your case and make sure you do not have to fight your charges alone.


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