Fort Worth Simple Assault Lawyer

Simple assault is the contact with another when the person knows or should know that the other person would find the contact offensive and provocative. Simple assault involves contact or touch with another person that is not acceptable or is offensive to the person. The range of fines for a ticket is up to $500. The accused may have to go to ticket court a couple times to pay or dispute the ticket. Even though this is a Class C offense, a person may have the same family violence ramifications that could affect their gun rights and other things. With so much at stake, it is important to seek the services of a Fort Worth simple assault lawyer. A determined assault attorney could build a solid defense for you.

Is Simple Assault a Misdemeanor Offense?

Simple assault is a Class C misdemeanor. A Class C offense is sometimes a simple assault. The major assaults are the Class A assaults like bar fights with bodily injury and family violence. Class A misdemeanor assaults have a different length of punishment which is up to one year in jail and up to $4,000 in fines.

The first definition of intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury, is a Class A assault. If it is under the Texas definition, intentionally or knowingly causing physical contact that a person would reasonably believe to be offensive or provocative a Class C misdemeanor. The main difference between the Class A and Class C assault is pain or injury. The hardest thing to prove was that somebody was hurt.

Simple Assault Court Cases

Simple assault cases or Class C misdemeanor assault cases in Fort Worth are heard in municipal court. The simple assault cases usually result in jury trials. However, a person has the option for either a bench trial or a jury trial if the state agrees to the bench trial. A Fort Worth simple assault lawyer could help an individual determine whether they want to pursue a jury trial or a bench trial.

How do Class C Assault Cases Differ From Class A Felony Cases?

Each county in Texas has between one and eight justice of the peace courts depending on the size and population of the county. These courts have original jurisdiction over Class C criminal misdemeanors including simple assault cases.

The Texas legislature created municipal courts in each of the incorporated cities in Texas. The number of municipal area in a city depends on the population and needs of the people. They have concurrent jurisdiction with the justice of the peace courts for Class C misdemeanor criminal cases when the punishment for a conviction is only a small fine.

The Seriousness of Simple Assault Offenses

Although Class C charges seem like they are not a big deal if a person pays the ticket, they should know it is an assault conviction on their record. No one wants the consequences of an assault conviction on their record. When the complainant in the alleged assault incident is a family member, it could affect someone’s rights to buy guns and ammunition. It might affect their rights in family law court or immigration court. Collateral consequences could result from a plea, so a person should have a Fort Worth simple assault lawyer handle their case.

Value of a Fort Worth Simple Assault Attorney

Despite being a misdemeanor offense, simple assault can still have serious consequences for someone. That is why if you have been charged with an assault offense, you should speak with a capable Fort Worth simple assault lawyer. An accomplished assault attorney could examine the facts of your case in order to build your defense. Work with an experienced legal advocate that could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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