Fort Worth Aggravated Assault Lawyer

If you are accused of aggravated assault, you may be concerned about the impact that a possible conviction could have on your rights, reputation, and future prospects. Aggravated assault is often charged as a felony and can, therefore, result in harsh consequences such as prison time, steep fines, and the loss of constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms and the right to vote.

Because aggravated assault is a violent crime, it tends to be associated with tough legal penalties. However, a skilled assault attorney may be able to help. A Fort Worth aggravated assault lawyer could assist you with thoroughly investigating and analyzing the circumstances of your case and work to build a defense strategy that will yield the best possible outcome for your case.

Consequences for Aggravated Assault

According to Texas Penal Code §22.02, a defendant may be convicted of aggravated assault if they caused serious bodily injury to another person—which must be proven by the state—or if they utilized a deadly weapon during the act of an assault. Interestingly, Texas law does not classify assault and battery as disparate crimes, as many states do. Therefore, an assault carries the same penalties that battery does.

With that in mind, aggravated assault is often charged as a second-degree felony. Typically, if convicted, the defendant could face between two and 20 years in state prison and be responsible for fines of up to $10,000. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, though, a conviction could alternatively result in a sentence of only probation.

First-Degree Felony Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault can be charged as a felony in the first-degree if any of the following scenarios occur:

  • The defendant used a deadly weapon and caused serious bodily harm to someone they have a familial or romantic relationship with, such as family member, foster child, parent, guardian, or someone the defendant is dating
  • The defendant used a deadly weapon against a known public servant while off-duty or as a means of retaliation
  • The defendant used a deadly weapon in retaliation against a witness, informant, or person who reported a crime the defendant allegedly committed
  • The defendant is a public servant who committed an assault with a deadly weapon while serving as a representative of the organization for which they work

In the event that an aggravated assault is classified as a felony in the first degree, a conviction may result in anywhere from five to 99 years of imprisonment or life in prison, plus fines of up to $10,000. Regardless of the severity of the charge in question, though, dedicated Fort Worth aggravated assault attorneys work hard to seek out the best legal options for their potential clients.

Reaching Out to a Fort Worth Aggravated Assault Attorney

If you were charged with aggravated assault in the State of Texas, we encourage you to reach out to a Fort Worth aggravated assault defense attorney immediately to explore your legal options.

In order to pursue as favorable a verdict as possible, you may need seasoned attorneys on your side and tried-and-true defense strategies used in cases similar to yours. That being said, your case is unique, and your Fort Worth aggravated assault lawyer could work tirelessly to put together a defense that works for you and your loved ones. Call now to get started.

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