Fort Worth Airport Weapons Lawyer

A person found to be in possession of a weapon inside a Fort Worth airport may be found in violation of the law and subsequently could face various legal ramifications depending on the specific circumstances. If you reside in Fort Worth or the surrounding region and find yourself in this situation, a Fort Worth airport weapons lawyer may be able to help. Call today to see what a  qualified criminal attorney could do for you.

Traveling with a Firearm When Departing

It is legal to travel out of a Fort Worth airport with a firearm. However, traveling with a firearm must be conducted in strict accordance with guidelines established by the Transportation Security Administration. Specifically, Fort Worth travelers need to ensure the weapon they wish to transport is legal for them to possess in accordance with Texas law, unloaded, and packed in a locked container that denies any possibility of access to the weapon in question. Any accompanying ammunition must also be secured in a locked container that prohibits access to the material.

If someone intends to transport a firearm on an airplane, the weapon and ammunition must be declared upon checking in at the respective airline’s ticket counter with an airline employee. The passenger in question must be in possession of the proper licenses for the weapons in question. Finally, firearms can only be transported in checked baggage. Weapons or ammunition are prohibited from all carry-on luggage and are not permitted past security checkpoints. For more information, individuals get in contact with a Fort Worth airport weapons lawyer today.

Why Might Someone Violate These Regulations?

Some people caught in violation of TSA regulations may not have any specific intent to break the law. Individuals who travel frequently, travel with weapons for security purposes, or utilize guns in their professions might simply forget to remove the weapon from their carry-on luggage. If a legal gun owner ever finds themselves in such circumstances, a Fort Worth airport weapons lawyer might be able to advocate on their behalf.

Potential Penalties for Airport Weapon Violations

Transporting a weapon through a security checkpoint at a Fort Worth Airport is in violation of Texas laws related to firearm possession in public venues. In some cases, this can result in a simple misdemeanor charge and a jail sentence of one-year maximum.

In more severe instances, the infraction could be deemed a felony that could carry a two to a 10-year prison sentence and monetary fines of up to $10,000. In addition, such charges might result in the accused individual permanently losing their license to possess a firearm or any future chances of owning one.

Talking to a Fort Worth Airport Weapons Attorney

Our team of dedicated criminal attorneys understands that facing arrest for a weapons charge can be an emotional, nerve-wracking experience. If you or a close friend or family member are thrust into this situation, we may be able to help you plan a suitable defense.

The sooner you contact an experienced Fort Worth airport weapons lawyer, the quicker we could start piecing together the circumstances surrounding your individual case and working to minimize the legal ramifications you may face. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.


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