Fort Worth Airport Solicitation Lawyer

In recent years, car service companies like Uber and Lyft have provided a new—and often less expensive—alternative to taxis and other types of livery services for individuals needing ground transportation from one point to another. Some livery services believe these companies hurt their business and have appealed to community and political leaders to place greater regulations on where Uber and Lyft drivers may pick up passengers.

The leaders of certain municipalities have heeded the wishes of the established delivery companies and imposed limitations on Uber and Lyft drivers. One specific place where these drivers might encounter legal issues in the Fort Worth area is at regional airports.

In fact, some Uber and Lyft operators might be accused of unlawful solicitation of ground transportation at an airport. If you are a driver for one of these services and were charged with this infraction, contact a determined defense attorney. A Fort Worth airport solicitation lawyer from our firm may be able to help.

Current State Laws on Airport Solicitation

Texas state law enables transportation boards and commissions to be established. These governing agencies may then be given the authority to issue licenses and permits to transportation companies intent on conducting business in locations within the purview of such organizations.

According to Texas Transportation Code §22.0815, any entities operating without having been issued a license or some other form of authorization to conduct business in such a place might be in violation of the law. According to this argument, Uber and Lyft drivers should not be soliciting customers at airports because they do not possess the proper authorizations to do so.

Some Uber and Lyft drivers believe this legislation is unfair because it is not uniformly enforced from location to location. That said, some taxi drivers and other livery car operators believe the law helps regulate the industry and protects their business. For more information, individuals should contact a Fort Worth airport solicitation lawyer.

Potential Penalties Drivers Could Face

Uber and Lyft drivers might be charged with a class B misdemeanor if found in violation of the previously mentioned statute. Not only might accused parties have to contend with the various costs, hassles, and criminal ramifications that may be associated with such accusations, but they could possibly also lose an important source of income that could significantly threaten their quality of life.

How Might A Lawyer Prove to be Beneficial?

A Fort Worth airport solicitation lawyer might be able to provide counsel to current or prospective Uber and Lyft drivers by:

  • Working with them to obtain the proper permits and licenses required to pick up passengers at airports in Fort Worth and the surrounding area
  • Providing education about current ground transportation regulations at Fort Worth regional airports
  • Helping those accused of violating ground transportation regulations fight their charges when applicable

It is important to note that ground transportation regulations involving Uber and Lyft are an ever-evolving issue and might be subject to amendment more frequently than other laws. Therefore, any current or prospective Uber or Lyft driver might wish to consult with a lawyer before continuing or agreeing to work for one of these companies.

Speaking with a Fort Worth Airport Solicitation Attorney

Most Uber and Lyft drivers are not looking to break any laws while working for said services to supplement their income. If you are employed as an Uber or Lyft driver and are either concerned about airport solicitation laws or were charged with unlawful ground transportation solicitation, call a Fort Worth airport solicitation lawyer today to see what options may be available to you.


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