American Paint Horse Association

American Paint Horse Association

The American Paint Horse Association aka APHA is considered to be the largest breed registries in North America. APHA was established in the year 1965. The formation of the American Paint Horse Association was a result of the collaboration of two different breed registries – the Quarter breed and the Pinto-colored breed registries.

The main concept behind the formation of the American Paint Horse Association is to distinguish the American Paint Horse breed with its unique identity and not just a type of another color breed horses. The APHA also allows the registry of some non-spotted horse breeds to be registered under the category of “Solid Paint breed” horses.

At present, the main headquarter of the APHA is located in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to the formation of the APHA, the two breed registries were the American Paint Stock Horse Association aka APSHA and the American Paint Quarter Horse Association aka APQHA.
The American Paint Horse breed is known most prominently for its unique markings and color patterns. Most American Paint Horses have a dominant white spot combined with any other colors such as chestnut, black, brown, bay, etc.

The two main different types of patterns on the American Paint Horse are the Tobiano and Overo. These two Paint Horses are distinguished primarily based on their white color spot positioning on the body.

The Tobiano Paint Horse is distinguished by its solid-colored head. The body features a white spot. The spot can be of different shape and sizes. The feet of the Tobiano is white and resembles a stocking-like appearance. Also, the white color spots are arranged in a vertical position. The white markings are also predominant in their chest, neck and tail as well.
The Overo Paint Horse, on the other hand, has a scattered and irregular white patterns/ spots all over the body. The white spot extends to its back between the tail and the withers as well. The colors on the legs vary, but they are usually required to have at least one dark-colored leg. The solid color on the horse can either be a white or dark dominant, but, the tail should be solid-colored without any spots. There are three different kinds of color spotting patterns which all fall under Overo horse classification

• Frame Overo
• Splashed white Overo and
• Sabino Overo

Apart from their unique color appearance and patterns, the American Paint Horses are also known for their intelligence and performance as well. They are, therefore used as a show horse in various performance competitions.

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