Reasons to Go to Trial in Fort Worth

Being charged with a crime can be a stressful event that leaves many people wondering what their next steps should be. Depending on the infraction you are accused of committing, a Texas court might offer you a plea bargain, as well as the option to take your case to trial.

If you reside in the city of Fort Worth or surrounding suburbs and find yourself in these circumstances, a consultation with a qualified defense attorney might be advisable. Based on the circumstances of your case, you could have very good reasons to go to trial in Fort Worth.

Essential Decisions to be Made

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions an accused individual might be forced to make is whether they should accept a plea bargain or proceed to trial. Sometimes, often for the purposes of expediency, the prosecuting attorney might offer the accused party a plea bargain after reviewing the facts and evidence of a specific criminal case.

This legally-binding offer gives the accused the opportunity to plead guilty to the crime with which they were charged and accept the penalties the prosecuting court deems are appropriate. In some cases, plea bargains can be beneficial, but at other times, it might better serve the defendant to go to trial, especially if they believe they have a solid case to contest the prosecution’s position.

Why Go Trial in Fort Worth?

Though a plea bargain can be quick, uncomplicated, and potentially less risky than taking a criminal case to trial, there still may be several legal and personal reasons to go to trial in Fort Worth. First and foremost, a trial typically does not happen immediately, thereby enabling a defense attorney more time to build a case and formulate an appropriate defense strategy.

Furthermore, admitting guilt establishes a criminal record for the individual in question. In some cases, the ensuing mark on someone’s record can be permanent, which might precipitate significant personal, legal, and financial ramifications for the convicted party after they serve their mandated sentences and/or punishments.

In the same vein, a trial is the only surefire method for an accused party to prove their innocence. Proving guilt is the responsibility of the prosecuting team, but a defendant may be proven guilty if and only if their prosecutors prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt through evidence and testimony.

How a Fort Worth Defense Attorney Could Help

While being accused of any crime is often traumatic and emotionally straining, it is typically in any potential defendant’s best interest not to take any rash actions. Depending on the facts of the matter, a criminal trial could simply drag out a process that a plea bargain could satisfactorily resolve, but in others, a trial could be the only one a defendant can prove their innocence and get their charges dismissed.

If you or a loved one are presented with these circumstances, it may be worthwhile for you to contact a dedicated lawyer for help. If retained, your personal criminal attorney could work to formulate a solid case on your behalf and help you determine if there are any reasons to go to trial in Fort Worth. Call us today to see how we could help.


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