What Does The Prosecution Have To Prove In Theft Cases?

The prosecution has to prove that the person appropriated the property without the consent of the owner with the intention to deprive the owner of his property by appropriating it. So appropriation is unlawful if it is without the consent of the owner, or if the property is stolen and the person knows it is ...

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What Is The Difference Between A Misdemeanor And A Felony Theft Charge?

If the value of the item stolen is over $2,500, then it’s a felony.

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Do The People That Are Accused Of Theft Always Go To Jail On An Initial Booking?

Usually, the people accused of theft will always be arrested, either if they are caught soon after the theft or are arrested on a warrant for something that happened previously. Of course, any time there is an arrest, you are taken to jail and will remain there until you make bond, which you are certainly ...

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What Are The Different Types Of Theft Cases That You Handle?

We have a large number of theft cases involving shoplifting. This includes intentional theft, such as someone passing the checkout location at a store without paying for a product. There are also other thefts, such as those involving theft of stolen property, for example, someone stealing or appropriating property or using property, knowing that it ...

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Are There Different Classifications Of Theft Charges In Texas?

Theft charges are classified based on the value of the property. If the theft is under $100 in value, then it’s a Class C misdemeanor, which is the same level as a traffic ticket. If the value is from $100 to $750, then it’s a Class B misdemeanor, and that actually carries a punishment of ...

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How Is Theft Defined In Fort Worth?

If someone intentionally or knowingly appropriates property belonging to another without consent, that’s theft.

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