Getting Out of Jail After Being Arrested in Fort Worth

Getting out of jail after being arrested in Fort Worth can be accomplished in several ways. Depending on the type of crime, they may be eligible for the county’s pre-trial release program. The pre-trial release program is an agency of the county and they will write bonds or take on the responsibility for making sure someone appears in court. They charge a small fee, usually about $35. They meet with the person in jail and secure their release. After the person is released, they have to check in, usually weekly.

After release, the next step is to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about the bail process. Getting out of jail is an important first step, but keeping your freedom after a trial is a job that an attorney should handle on your behalf.

Cash Bonds

For anyone who is booked into jail, there is always the opportunity to either do a cash bond or hire a bondsman or a surety to write a bond. In a cash bond, the person posts the full amount of the bond with the county. When a person is arrested, usually within 24 hours, a bond is set by a magistrate, who tells the person what they are charged with. The bond is set at anywhere from $500 up to $2,000 or more for felonies. Whatever the bond is set at, the person can give that amount of cash to the county and be released.

If the person does not appear in court, then that money is forfeited to the county. When the person’s case is over and the case is resolved, then the money is returned to the person who posted the cash bond, minus a small fee. Cases take several months or even several years to be resolved, therefore, that cash is tied up for a long period of time. To learn more about getting out of jail after being arrested in Fort Worth, contact a dedicated defense attorney.

Hiring a Bondsperson or Surety

Sometimes, the bond may be an amount that is not affordable. An alternative is to hire a bondsperson or a surety, who writes the bond and takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the person appears in court. These bonds people will usually charge about 10 percent to 20 percent of the face amount of the bond. The amount the bondsperson charges is a fee for their service, the released person does not get the money paid back when the case is over. If the person does not appear for court, then the surety company can lose all that money to the county.

They take a lot of steps to ensure that their client goes to court. Most require the person check in weekly. That usually involves a phone call. They may put other restrictions on the person, like telling them that they cannot leave the county or cannot leave the state without telling them. They sometimes even have family members or others sign promises to pay the full amount of the bond if it is ever forfeited.

Talk to a Skilled Criminal Attorney

For more information on getting out of jail after being arrested in Fort Worth, an initial consultation is your best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer could help you or your loved one get out of jail and back to your life.


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