Vintage Flying Museum

Located at Meacham International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, the Vintage Flying Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving America’s aviation heritage. You can visit the museum at 505 NW 38th St # 33S, Fort Worth, TX 76106. The museum has some pretty cool exhibits. There’s also a petting zoo with 26 warbirds.

Flying Museums

In terms of aviation, the Vintage Flying Museum isn’t as well known as the National Postal Museum or the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum. However, it’s also been a long time in the making, with a mission to keep America’s flying history alive and well. This year, three new aviation museums opened in the USA. In addition to the Vintage Flying Museum, there is the Indiana Aviation Museum, the World Museum of Mining, and the Noble Maritime Collection. The best way to experience the Vintage Flying Museum is to plan a trip to the area. Getting there is easy, with flights from the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

Similarly, the Thomas Alva Edison Museum is dedicated to the famous inventor. This includes a study collection, interactive exhibits, and a reference library. The museum also has a couple of other notable collections, including the Ballantine House, which is a restored 1885 mansion. The museum also has a small fleet of airplanes, which are on a rotating display.

Aviation History

The aviation history museum is also a big deal, with a collection of military and Korean memorabilia, as well as artifacts highlighting the best of WWII. The museum has about 200 members and works to ensure that the historic aircraft on display are preserved and operating. This may be the most impressive feat of all, and the museum is a worthy addition to the aviation community.

While the Vintage Flying Museum’s primary purpose is to preserve the aviation heritage of the United States, there’s also an artsy side to it. The museum has a fine collection of visual arts, and there’s even a tad of social history in the area. The most impressive part of this museum is that its cheap tickets! Adults can enter for $5, children (6-14 years old) are $3, and children under 6 get free admission. The museum actually functions as an educational institution, interpreting and expanding awareness of the visual arts.


The Vintage Flying Museum is a fantastic place to visit with your friends and family, especially if you’re an aircraft buff.  You’ll be able to see some of the most iconic aircraft of all time, from World War II to the present day, and learn about their history and impact on society.

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