John Wayne: An American Experience

Located in the Fort Worth Stockyards, John Wayne: An American Experience is a 10,000-square-foot interactive exhibit that focuses on the life of one of America’s most iconic movie stars. It features over 400 pieces of memorabilia from the actor’s personal life. This includes family photos, professional memorabilia, handwritten letters, correspondence, and props from his films. It is located at 2501 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

Life On Screen

The museum also has a “Life on Screen” gallery, which is devoted to the iconic film props from John Wayne’s movies. The exhibit features letters, photos, and original poems from the movie star. It includes the original poem that John Wayne wrote and recited in “America, Why I Love Her”. The “Life on Screen” gallery is a great place to see the props and costumes that have defined the movie star.

The museum also features a gift shop. The gift shop has a variety of items for sale. However, some of the prices are quite high. This is a great place to buy some John Wayne souvenirs.

His Personal Life

The John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit is located in the Historic Exhibits Building at the Stockyards. The exhibit is about John Wayne’s life, from childhood to the actor’s film career. The Wayne family has curated the exhibit to highlight aspects of the actor’s legacy. It opened in December 2022 There are over 250 film titles displayed at the museum. The Congressional Gold Medal that was awarded to the actor is also displayed.

The exhibit features a number of interesting exhibits, including a telegram from Jerry Lewis, a screenplay for True Grit, and a screenplay for El Dorado. Visitors can also take a step into the shoes of Wayne in three scenes, or co-star with him in three other scenes.

Events & Merchandise

In addition to the exhibit, the museum has a gift shop. It offers a variety of merchandise, including Duke-branded bourbon. The museum also hosts free screenings of a number of movies at the Movie Mutant. These include The Green Berets, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Alamo.

The John Wayne Museum is a unique venue for events. It’s a great place for weddings or other special occasions. It has plenty of room to hold a ceremony, and the museum offers a variety of seating options for guests.

The museum is also home to a variety of Western lifestyle brands. There is a gift shop, and a Duke-branded whiskey tasting. The event is for guests 21 and older.

The John Wayne museum also has a lot of lesser-known aspects of the actor’s life. Visitors can see letters from Carol Burnett, the actor’s first wife, and even a screenplay for True Grit. They can also find out about the actor’s relationship with his second son.


The museum is definitely worth a visit, whether you are a diehard fan of the actor, or simply want to learn more about the famous Western star. The John Wayne: An American Experience is a great way to get an exclusive look into the life of the man who defined the Western genre.

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