Fort Worth Underage DWI Lawyer

Being charged with an underage DWI can be a scary experience for everyone involved. A child’s future could be put in jeopardy should the case result in a conviction, making it increasingly difficult to find a job later on in life. However, a professional attorney is available to provide you with the defense your child deserves. A Fort Worth underage DWI lawyer can work tirelessly to get the most positive result for your child possible.

Laws Surrounding BAC in People Under the Age of 21 in Fort Worth

When there is evidence of alcohol concentration for someone under 21 that is 0.08 or greater, they can be charged with driving while intoxicated. If their level is less than 0.08, they may be prosecuted for DUI, driving under the influence. If there is any amount of alcohol 0.01 or greater, the individual may be charged with DUI, even though it is not at the level of 0.08 or they are not intoxicated. Any amount less than 0.08 may cause a person to be charged with DUI.

When the concentration is low, a Fort Worth underage DWI lawyer could show that because of the margin of error or lack of confidence in the result of the test, a level of 0.01 or 0.02 does not prove there is any level of alcohol in the person’s system. Frequently, officers try to testify that there is evidence of a detectable amount of alcohol in the person’s system because they smelled alcohol on a person’s breath. The defense attorney may be able to win such cases because there can be an odor of alcohol on one’s breath even though there is no alcohol in their system due to the alcohol being metabolized by a person’s blood.

BAC in People Under-17

Anyone who is 17 or over can be arrested for a crime. If one is under 17, they are treated as a juvenile for criminal law purposes. If one is over 17, they can be charged with driving while intoxicated. The same law applies to a 17-year old as it does to anyone above that age.

How Strongly are Underage DWI cases Prosecuted in Court?

The cases are prosecuted vigorously in Fort Worth. The district attorney’s office has a strict policy and the judges come down hard on DWIs and DUIs for those under 21. An experienced under-aged DWI attorney in Fort Worth may have success with these cases because they know how to get good results and deal with the mitigating factors to help their clients in these cases. Except for some differences like more frequent and more strict use of some conditions or probations such as interlocks, the sentences are not much different compared to of-age sentencing.

Where are Underaged DWI Cases Heard in Fort Worth?

A DUI case goes to the municipal court or the city court. In Fort Worth, the DUI case goes to the Fort Worth municipal court. If a person is charged with being intoxicated or DWI, the case goes to the same court as any other DWI case, which is the county criminal court.

Benefits of Hiring a Fort Worth Underage DWI Attorney

A DWI case for an individual under the age of 21 must be handled carefully by experienced attorneys who know the distinctions for cases involving those under 21. A Fort Worth underage DWI lawyer familiar with such cases can deal with any of the issues that might affect a different suspension period or conditions of probation, how the cases are punished, the possible long-term effects of the DWI, and how it might affect the person if they are still in school. Get in touch with an attorney to get started on building a defense.


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