Fort Worth Airport Gun Possession Laws

If a person is found carrying a weapon at an airport, they may be found guilty of the prohibited places weapons offense. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport confiscates more guns than any other airport in the nation. It is not uncommon, however, for people to have honestly forgotten that they have their weapon with them when they go to an airport. For instance, consider a person that uses the same suitcase to go on different business trips. They may have packed their legally owned weapon with them to drive to a business meeting, and months later, forget that it is still in that suitcase as they head off to the airport for their next business meeting.

In order to be guilty of unlawfully carrying a weapon, a person must intentionally, knowingly or recklessly carry that weapon. Therefore, we are able to get a lot of these cases dismissed because if we can show that they did not knowingly bring their weapon to the airport, then they cannot be guilty of unlawfully carrying a weapon. Sometimes we can even demonstrate this by a polygraph test.

If a person is arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon at an airport, they could be fined a civil penalty by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of up to several thousand dollars. They could also be placed on a no fly list. This can be terribly damaging to persons who want to be able to travel by air for vacations or otherwise, but also for people that travel for business purposes. However, we are able to handle the collateral TSA proceeding and frequently get the fine reduced to a very low amount. In addition, we can secure an agreement with the TSA that the person will not be placed on a no fly list.

If a person is arrested at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport for a weapon offense, they will be taken to the Dallas Fort Worth DPS facility which is on the premises of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and houses a jail. The person will be put in jail without the ability to have a bond set for up to two or three days. This is also terribly damaging for a person who is trying to get to a wedding or a business meeting.

In those situations, we are able to do what is called a writ of habeas corpus which secures that person’s immediate release. Then, once a case is filed against them, we can defend them and attempt to have the case dismissed, which we have had tremendous success doing.

Since an airport is a place where weapons are prohibited, having a concealed handgun license (CHL) or a license to carry (LTC) does not omit that person from being charged with committing a crime.

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