Police Enforcement & Criminal Defense During Covid

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We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound during these strange and troubling times. As legal advocates, we are presented with a unique set of challenges during this crisis and are continually looking to assist and help our neighbors while the country (and the world) continues to deal with the problems at hand.

The topic of one’s legal rights while under lockdown has been a very common question that is asked of us, and we want to present you (and arm you) with an eBook that we compiled that will help keep you safe and cover the essential questions that you might have while out and about under these conditions. Our attorneys hope to equip you with knowledge and information that will help you better understand your legal rights in dealing with a stop or potential criminal charges, and how to handle your situation while giving yourself the best chance of avoiding complications.

The information presented in our eBook will not only equip you with proper guidelines while we are under covid-19 regulations, but also give you the confidence as a resident of Texas well into the future.

Download Our eBook Now & Gain Confidence of Knowing Your Legal Rights
Learn How To Deal With Stops & How To Properly Respond To Police Questioning
Loose the Fear Of Being Pulled Over & Not Knowing Your Rights
Know How To Handle Any Situation With The Law During Covid-19

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